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Billy's Temper

Most people wonder about Billy the Kid's way of live or why his temper sometimes got the best of him. I think the reason for Billy havin' a temper the way he did was because of the way He & His Friends were treated. not by the citizens of New Mexico (cause they liked him very much!) but by the People Like the so called "Deputy" Bob Ollinger! and all of us know the way Ollinger treated The Kid.... the way Ollinger would spit at him,slap him, kick him, pokin' him with his shotgun, and constantly tellin' Billy to try to make a run for it so he could shoot him in the back....I mean I know that other things could've caused his temper but People like Ollinger and The Murphy Boys didnt help matters at all! Billy's way of like was kind of "you scratch my back and Ill scratch yours" or The Most Famous one "quoted" in many movies " If you Kill My Friend then I got to Kill you to make things square...." But I can sort of see why The Kid was like this towards the people who harmed his friends cause If somebody hurt your friend then you would be upset at that person that did it too. But Billy's " if you kill my freind then I got to Kill you" ways may seem Harsh to some people. But you've got to understand that that was just Billy's way.... And it was also kinda the way things were back then.... Billy was a Honest Person when he wanted to be but If you did somethin' to his Friend then he would more than likely do somethin' to you just to make things even.... but even though some of the things he did were VERY harsh I can see where he got his motives to do what he did even though they are not the way some people would handle them. So I guess that explains the bad temper of Billy the Kid!!