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The Death Of Billy the Kid

When Billy escaped the sory was in newspapers and Dime novels everywhere. Billy fled toOld Fort Sumner New Mexico where he stayed with Jesus Silva (close friend).Billy went to Jesus' house and slept untill Jesus got in. when Jesus got there He said " Billito are you asleep senor amigo" Billy replied "no Im awake" Billy told Jesus "Im hungry as everything you got anything to eat?" "all I have is Beans and tortillas amigo" Billy said "Im tired of beans and tortilllas I think IL go over to pete maxwells he has some fresh beff he just butcherd this mornin' IL cut me a steak and come back here to cook and eat it" " Be carefull amigo sherrif Pat Garrets in town" said Jesus "dont worry IL be okay" said Billy. Billy put on a shirt and pants and went out to Pete's place as he walked up to the porch and saw one of Garrets deputys sleeping in a chair and said "Quines" (who are you in spanish) the man was asleep so he said nothing. Billy then went upstairs to Petes room and said "whos that outside" click (Garrets pistol cocks) hearing the pistol cock Billy said "Quines, Quines" then garret shot the 21 year old notorius horse thief. Billy died with a single bullet to the heart. soon people came running to see Billy the Kids body lay Motionless on the floor of petes room. garret said" I knew it was him I could hear his voice in the darkness" the citizens of Fort Sumner pick the body up and set it on a carpenters table and dressed it for the burial. Billy the Kid the notorious 21 year old Horse thief was dead. to some people it was a relief to some a tragic loss. one thing is for sure the legend of Billy the Kid will never die.His legend grew even larger as soon as his dead body hit the floor and it still grows to this very day.