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Billy's Saved From The Badlife

While he was on the run Billy tried to become a cowhand but he just couldn't handle mans work. So he and a friend realized that they could make money by stealing saddles and selling them to other people. Then they graduated to stealing the Horses and the saddles.well when Billy was on the move again and roaming New Mexico he met a cattle rancher named John Tunstall. Tunstall Invited Billy to work for him as a ranch hand so Billy took the job. Billy would have probably continued working as a cowhand if it hadn't been for those low-down Murphy boys. You see Tunstall and Murphy both owned a store and a beef outfit and it got way out of hand! Murphy kept tryin to push Tunstall out of Lincoln New Mexico (where they were) so Murphy would get better business. Well one day when John went riding into town the Murphy boys shot him dead on the little country road.unfortunatrley Billy didnt make it to Tunstalls burial because he was in jail accused of cattle rustling. But Billy swore revenge he swore that he'd kill every sonofabitch who had anything to do with killing his best friend John Tunstall.