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Billy's "Pardon"

Billy the Kid was promised a pardon by the governer of New Mexico Lew Wallace. you see Billy was to go to the goveners place and talk a treatie with him. Wallace told Billy that he would pardon him only if he would testify against the muphy/dolan rustlers for the killing of a man by the name of mr. Chapman who was killed in the street. you see Billy witnessed the killing of Mr. Chapman. the deal was that Billy would be arrested (a staged arrest to make it look like Billy just didnt walk up and agree to testify) and sent to trial to testify then Billy was to be granted a full pardon by the governer. but wallace didnt keep his promice (as you can tell on 2 of Billy's letters to Wallace)of amnesty (and probably never entended to neither). when Billy realized this he decided to escaped from the Jail. it seemed like a dream come true for Billy to be pardoned for all his wrong doings. but wallace just told Billy this so Billy would testify. Wallace was called a traitor and a backstabin' liar for the rest of his life (even after he died).