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The Battle At Blazers Mill

The Regulators were a group of people (one was Billy the Kid) who were hired after Tunstalls killing to go out and bring in tghe people who commited the crime.its true! Billy the kid was once a deputized man of the law! BUT.. as history tells us he had to have his revenge.All of the people deputized were ounce employers of John Tunstall . so anyways. The Regulators leader was a man named Dick Brewer. one day dick lead The Regulators to a place called Blazers Mill to eat supper and relax for a little while. well after a short time a man named Buckshot Roberts arrived on the scene to mail something. when Buckshot heard of The Regulators stay at the building he remembered the reward on there heads because they were wanted for murder. you see Billy got wanting revenge on the trash that killed his employer and friend John Tunstall. Billy swore to get even for the killing of his friend so every time just about when the Regulators approached a man that they had a warrant for Billy would sorta remember what that certain person did while he was in the posse that killed John Tunstall. so Billy's temper ounce again would take its toll and he would get to want to kill the sorry murderer that was in the posse. and most of the time he did end up killing that explains why they were wanted for murder. But the Regulators ALSO had a warrant for Buckshot as well! so Dick & the others went out to confront Buckshot with the warrant and when they did Buckshot opened fire on the Regulators.they all took cover and Dick took cover behind a pile of logs. Buckshot took refuge inside the one story adobe building. The Regulators exchanged fire with Buckshot for a while.then Dick ran up to another pile of logs very close to a window that Buckshot could clearly see the smoke of Dicks gun through. so then Dick fired a shot.hearing no respond of fire he raised his head to see if he had hit Buckshot and when he did Buckshot shot him in the head takin' the top half of his head completly off. then the Regulators opened fire for about 2 or 3 minutes seeking to kill the man inside that killed there leader and friend Dick. after this the Regulators fled thinkin' that Murphys boys would be there soon. Dick Brewers motionless body lay in front of the Blazers Mill building dead. everyone took one last look back as they left et there Friend and Leader Dick Brewer.