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Brenda Kay's African American  Genealogy

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Slave Data        More Genealogy Resources     Some Texas Resources


Slave Data

Turner Slave Transaction over 200 Slaves Sold

South Carolina Slave Traders List

More Slave Traders

Alabama Documents Collected by the Federal Writers Project   

Texas Documents Collected by the Federal Writers Project  

 New York Slaves emancipated in 1800

Adams County Mississippi Slave Record Book

Miscellaneous Slave Records

American Slave Narratives

Slave Data in Pickens County SC. Data table

Disposition of Mississippi Slaves

Wayne County Manumission Documents Indiana

Slave Entries in Wills, Deeds, and Other Records (Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina

Index of Slaves belonging to the Stilth Family

Slave Entries in Wills and Deeds

Slave Documents 

William Ingrem Heirs 1835 Mississippi

International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slavery Ancestors

Documenting the African American Experience. Sample titles. Readex, 1995.



















Other Genealogy Resources




Family Genealogy



Christine's Genealogy Website

A Barrel of Genealogy Links

African American - Genealogy

AfriGeneas - African Ancestored Genealogy

Slave Genealogy Exchange

Alabama Slave Project

Alabama African American Genealogy

Some Texas

Texas Austin's Original 300 colonist who brought slaves with them

Texas Slave Statistics in 1850 and 1855

Limestone County Texas
Freemen Assessment of Property List

 Texas Slavery Project at the University of Houston





























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