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Brenda Kay's African American  Genealogy

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My Roots Run Deep In Texas 

I Never New My Roots Ran So Deep In Texas
Yet My Blood Cries From The Soil
I Never Knew I Had A Role In History
Through Seed That Had No Knowledge of Me
An Left Very Little Trace Because They Were In Bondage Before And After They Were Set Free
From The Will Of Those That Sought A Better Life
And This Life Sometimes Required Buying and Selling
Sam His Children And His Wife

I Never Knew I'd Find My Way Back
To People and Places I Never Knew Existed
All Because I wanted To Know Who I am
I Wanted To Know And Understand
The Lives Of Those That Bore My Existence
That Without Knowing Labored To Survive For Me
And One Day I Would See
My Roots Ran So Deep In Texas
And My Blood Cries From The Soil

Brenda Terry



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