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Brenda Kay's African American  Genealogy

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Oklahoma Newspaper Project

Texas Newspaper Abstracts

Texas Newspapers

Austin Southern Intelligencer
Austin Daily Statesman
Austin Texas State Gazette
Brazoria Brazos Courier
Brazoria Texas Planter
Brazoria Texas Republican
Columbia Planter
Columbia Telegraph and Texas Register
Clarksville Northern Standard
Columbia Telegraph and Texas
Dallas Herald
Galveston Weekly News
Galveston Galvestonian
Houston Chronicle
Houston Post
Houston Telegraph and Texas Register
La Grange Patriot
La Grange True Issue
Marshall Texas Republican
Matagorda Bulletin
Matagorda Gazette
San Antonio Herald
San Augustine Journal and Advertiser
San Augustine Red-Lander
San Felepe de Austin Telegraph and Texas Register
San Felepe de Austin Texas Gazette
Washington Washington-on-the-Brazos


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