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Brenda Kay's African American  Genealogy

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Miscellaneous Slave Records


#Free Papers - Fanny - South Carolina

#Free Papers - Dick - Mississippi

#Free Papers - William Thomas - Mississippi


Free Papers - Fanny - South Carolina

Deed Book 3:28-29,286,Office of the Probate Judge, Lauderdale Co., Ala.

Edgefield, South Carolina.  Manumission of Fanny, formerly the property of the late Major Benjamin Porter of Wilkes County, Georgia, and for $100 possession of her husband Bill the Fiddler.  Said Fanny is about thirty-three years of age, of dark complexion, 5'5" tall, and was born in George as the property of James Sherrell.  Whitfield Brooks and William Bostic of South Carolina and James Wingfield and George M. Walker of Wilkes are to be "friends, curator or trustee of the said woman Fanny" and assist her should she be take up as a slave, imprisoned, or otherwise maltreated.  Fanny is declared to be of good character and "capable of earning a livelihood".

June 28, 1819

Hamburgh, South Carolina.  Affidavit of Henry Shutts.  Fanny alias Fanny Porter is a free woman of color who has been living in Hamburg for the last four years, has conducted herself with propriety, and bears a good character for sobriety, industry, and honesty.

July 4, 1825


Free Papers - Dick - Mississippi

Land Deed Record, Book C, Page 35, Chancery Clerk's Office, Adams Co., Mississippi

Mississippi Territory, Affidavit of John Sally, about 27 or 28 years before, he saw "the Negro man Dick, who claims to be a free man, in the possession of one Decker on board of a boat on the Wataga River in the Holston Country, East Tennessee, said Decker being then bound with his boat to this country; that said Decker brought said Negro, then a small boy, to this country and disposed of him to one Campbell who sold him to one La Fleur.  He afterward saw said Negro in the possession of Alexander McIntosh, Deceased.  This Deponent further said that in the Holston Country he knew the mother of said Negro, or the Negro woman who claimed him as her son and whose name was Hannah, and that she always passed as a free woman, from which this deponent verily believes said Negro Dick was free born.

August 7, 1801

Free Papers - William Thomas - Mississippi

Land Deed Record, Book AA, Page 473, Chancery Clerk's Office, Adams Co., Mississippi

Charles City County, Virginia. "Registered in the office of the Clerk of the Court of said County, William Thomas, No. 331, son of William Thomas Deceased, a mulatto man, twenty years old the 17th day of July last, five feet teen inches high, scar on the right side of the nose and one on the right hand just above the joint of the thumb.  The said William was born free in this country"

September 17, 1835

Recorded in Adams County Mississippi, January 7, 1839

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