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Brenda Kay's African American  Genealogy

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Austin Public Library, Austin Texas
Pease-Graham-Niles. Family Papers

Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin
Adriance, John. Papers
Austin (Moses and Stephen F.) Papers. 1785-1836
Billingsley, James B. and Virginia C. Papers
Black (William W.). Papers. 1845-1870
Black History Collection, 1826-1867
Blackshear (Thomas Edward). Papers. 1830-1889
Bollaert (William). Papers. 1837-1849.
Brazoria County Scrapbook
Bryan (Guy M.). Papers. 1821-1880
Brian (James Perry). Papers, 1820-1870
Burnet, David G. Papers
Canebrake Plantation Records, 1856-1858
Cartwright (Matthew). papers. 1830-1859
Chambers (Thomas W.). Papers 1805-1880
Coffee (Holland) Papers. 1837-1871
Coleman, Ann Raney Thomas. apers
Colorado County Scrapbook
Dancy (Jon Winfield Scott). Papers. 1836-1856
Devereux (Julien Sidney). papers. 1835-1856
Dienst (Alexander). Papers. 1835-1856
Duncan (Green C.). Papers. 1853-1880
Groce, Leonard Waller. "Diary of Leonard Waller Groce. 1866-1867." Transcript.
Groce, Leonard Waller.  "Personal Recollection of Leonard Waller Groce, as Related to his Son, William Wharton Groce."  Transcript
Haas, Oscar. papers
Hagerty (Rebecca McIntosh Hawkins). Papers. 1823-1880
Hanrick (Edward) Papers. 1840-1865
Hayes, Rutherford B. Texas Diary. 1840-1865
Hill, John R. Papers
Holley (Mary Austin) Papers, 1829-1846
Hornsby, Reuben. papers.
Huling, Thomas Byers. Papers.
Jones, Churchill. Papers
Kemp (louis W.). Papers. 1819-1836. "Fannin Notes".
Lawrance, James W.
Ledbetter (Lena Dancy) Papers, 1830-1890
Lincecum (Gideon) Papers, 1829-1860
Moss, A. Henry. pap
Mills (Robert) Papers
Neblett (Lizzie Scott) Papers. 1849-1870
Perry (James F. and Stephen S.). Papers. 1831-1863
Rose (Preston R.). Papers. 1837-1875
Slavery and Abolition Papers
Smith (Ashbel) Papers, 1823-1886
Sloan, W. L.
Solms-Braunfels Archives. 1842-1862
Tait (Charles William). Papers. 1844-1866
Washington, Lewis Mills Hobbs. Family Papers
White (R.G.) Papers.

Baylor University, Waco, Texas, Texas Collection
Trask Family Papers

Cornell University Libraries, Ithaca, N.Y. Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
Turner, Avery. papers

Dallas Historical Society Archives, Dallas, Texas
Howard, Dr. W.E. Collection

Duke University, Durham, N.C. Perkins Library
Person Family Papers.

East Tennesse State University Library, Johnson City
Bowman Family Papers.

East Texas Baptis University Library, Marshall
Webster, John B. Plantation Journal, 1858-1859.

Harrison County Museum, Marshall
Huges, Inez H. "landmarks of Harrison County: Plantation Homes."
Typescript of speech, November 5, 1970.
Lale,. "Edgemont." (July 6, 1981). Tpescript
Plantation File
Scott (William T.). Papers.
Ware (Henry). Papers.

Rice University, Houston, Texas.  Fondren Library
Osterhout, John Patterson.  Papers

Rosenberg Library, Glaveston, Texas
League, Thomas M. Papers.
McCoy, F.E. papers
Morgan, James. Papers
Affleck (Thomas). Papers 1830-1866
Stuart (Ben C.). Papers.

Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College, 1926
James Curtis Armstrong
"The History of Harrison County, Texas."
M.A. thesis.

Texas State Library Archives, Austin
Affleck's (Thomas) Scrapbook
Ashbury (Samuel E.) Collection
Byan (Guy M.). Papers. 
Bryan (James Perry). Papers
Haley (T.P.) Collection, 1838-1898
Jones (Anson) Papers, 1838-1858

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