"Infinity Rising". A showcase for the music and poetry of Ms. Carol Dierking

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"Angel...Goodbye"    "Anonymous Confessions"    "Be"    "Black"   
"Blackened"    "Break the Fall"    "Crimson Roses"    "Crumbling State"   
"Driven"    "Echo of Memories"    "Elian"    "Encounters"    "Esprit"   
"Fear"    "Forever and Always"    "Glasshouse"    "Haiku"    "Home"   
"I Knew You Then"    "Infinity Rising"    "In Retrospect"    "Irene"   
"Jagged Treasures"    "Joy"    "Judge Not Me"   
"Kindred Aquaintances"    "Lady Wisdom"    "Let Go"    "Light"   
"Lost"    "Matchbox of Dreams"    "Obscure Eternity"   
"Parade Anxiety"    "Piecing the Puzzle"    "Rays of Love"    "Reality"   
"Release"    "Resolution"    "Revival Tree"    "River"    "Sand Castles"   
"Sense Us"    "Shattered Remains"    "She"    "Shine"    "Slice the Cord"   
"So Smile"    "Taxi Man"    "Tears for Years"    "Teyton"   
"Tobacco Kills"    "Unsheathe"    "Water Sports"    "Wicked Rage"   
"Win"    "Within Reasons Pursue"

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