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"So Smile"

Might as well move on I thought,
There is no use burying my head.
To live would teach me how to cope,
By simply getting out of bed.

So when you ask me how it is,
I can wear a smile each day,
Let me tell you,
It has been a lifetime learning how to pray.

Spiritual confusion,
Holy battles raging within.
I've come to a peaceful place,
From which to draw a grin.

There is a time for sadness,
And plenty of space for pain.
If you open the wounds,
Remove the thorn,
Do not let it remain.

So smile.

Rise above the fear of rejection,
Smile when others laugh at you.
Conquer the humility of humanity,
You can laugh too.

You know laughter will heal your broken heart,
And laughter will ease your pain.
When the world closes in,
Grab a grin.
Then go play in the rain.

© 1999, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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© 1999, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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