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Wisdom embellished beauty and grace,
As she lit up a room with the smile on her face.

Her Irish-green eyes, so beautifully set,
Spoke volumes, expressions, impossible to forget.

Dark hair of youth framed her vibrant golden skin,
She had matter of fact eyebrows and a confident chin.

As the years progressed and change took place,
Snowy white hair illuminated her face.

Her voice was magnificent, bold and strong,
This gift she shared freely through teaching and song.

Each day was a challenge, to live to the extreme,
She got up and did what others dare dream.

As a Registered Nurse she was always on call,
Her knowledge and skill made available for all.

Penned up as a child in an orphanage cell,
She learned how to grin and never to tell.

Her laugh was so infectious, hearty and sincere,
That it blessed all witness to courage against fear.

Whatever her title, whether it be friend, wife, or mother,
She gave to us all like there were no other.

© 9/4/2001, Ms. Carol Dierking
All rights reserved

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