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Freezing waters carried you here,
The media was there to capture your fear.

Elian, hold your head up high,
Your life was spared, don't be shy.

You lost your mother in the ocean blue,
Now everyone wants to comfort you.

We stopped our lives to see,
What your troubles might be.

Elian, we have seen your pain.
Some are compassionate, some just complain.

The cameras recorded your emotional state,
While the government determined your fate.

Elian, don't you cry anymore.
Freedom is at your front door.

Elian, please, don't be afraid.
Not every dream will end in a raid.

Remember your mother and feel her inside,
Respect your family; wear their armor with pride.

As you grow older and take a stand,
Know you are welcome in this foreign land.

© 5/2/2000, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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