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I thought I had lost my joy.
Then I realized that I had merely packed it away.
I had allowed darkness to squelch the blue hot passion.
I wondered how many other people had forgotten how to experience joy.
I focused on sadness, sorrow and pain.
I wore gray shades to manage my emotions.
Not that there was not anything to be joyous about.
There was plenty.
Miracles continued to manifest themselves.
Rays through rainbows shimmered.
Yet I had drizzled gloom over my soul,
I had prepared no home for joy in my heart.
Had I ever known what it was like to experience joy?
When was it?
What was I doing?
Who was I with?
How could I revive that feeling?
I smiled.
As the smile was formed,
I could taste joy on my lips,
Spilling out of my heart.
It was then that I knew,

© 11/26/2001, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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