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"Crimson Roses"

In the pit of wisdom's cove,
Marking beast on tethered soul.
Lies encircle ~ peace evades,
Seeking glory ~ endless rage.

Happened to me ~
Cried alone ~
Opened to see ~
Crowded throne ~

Carnal wages left unpaid,
Laws enforced ~ Be Afraid.
Crimson roses, unveiled too soon,
Rise to greet the next full moon.

Power seeks to empty strength,
Forever bound, for timeless length.
To drain the life from history,
Dredge onward ~ embrace the mystery.

Seek ye faith, never waiver ~
Stones thrown in haste mortally wound.
For every breath we draw and saver,
A dying rose is left unbloomed.

Journey long ~ intense ~ can't breathe,
Sharpened tongue, banished sheathe.
Fallen whispers, visions distorted,
Prey not, thy wisdom go ~ unreported.

© 1998, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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© 1999, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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