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"Within Reasons Pursue"

Your passion bleeds in silent wails,
Dismissing judgment of those who wonder.
Inanimate implosions shield Your pains,
Pawning chameleon opinions asunder.

As the pendulum swings, dear one, hold tight.
What feels so wrong could quite possibly be right.
Not in the sense as you would usually expect,
As your experience dictates what gets you erect.
Yet visions restored in muscle memory refined,
Shall unveil ambient passions enshrined.

20 times I saw you there,
Waiting for each moment to subside.
The monitor, the professor, the analytical master,
Waiting, wondering, anticipating the question,
Evaluating the answer.

Prompting assumptions allow an intimate view,
Treasured and stored within reasons pursue.
Covet the knowledge of remnants anew,
Creative embellishments may ensue.

© 5/24/04 CID Morgan
All Rights Reserved

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