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"Judge Not Me"

Did you think you saw who I am?
Do you think it was part of God's plan?

Do you feel that you know where I've been?
How did you cope when you saw me sin?

Do you believe that the snapshot you took of me
Is all that I will ever be?

See me in this light.
Why don't you put up a fight?

I might look a bit different now,
You know I have some seeds to plow.

Wait 'til the shadows subside.
Come into my house, draw the shades, peer outside.

Have ya seen what I've become?
And do you know where I've come from?

You turn your eyes, Close your mind, and walk away.
Never quite knowing what to say.

Judge not my ways,
Remember the days,

When innocence was a hug or a grin.
When friendships were easy to begin.

© 1998, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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© 1999, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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