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The current site news and updates. If you are looking for our archived news page, please visit Archived Site News.

Forums Up [04-03-07] 2:18PM AEST
The Forum has been created. Find it at The Handbook to Role-Playing Forums. Still working on the Stereotypes pages.
Article Work [04-03-07] 8:17AM AEST
Working on the Stereotypes page today for cleanup and article revision. Will additionally look at other articles as they come up.
More Extras [04-02-07] 2:31PM AEST
Made an archived news page, limited front page index and mainpage news limited to the current month's goodies.
Moving Onward [04-02-07]
Working on more pages today. HTML cleanup and site integration. Still getting more pages into order as I edit and clean them up. Looking forward to getting her back in working order.
Page Cleanup Day [03-30-07]
Took a short three-day roadtrip, but I'm back in the saddle again. Cleaned the types of role-playing page up, as well as a few others. Attempting to get the advice articles into better shape and structure.
Site Integration [03-27-07]
Today's work includes the update of the rest of the webpages into the new format and color scheme. Wish me luck. Spell check and advice to be overviewed and altered as needed for today's activities.
Interface Update [03-26-07]
The first of many overhaul updates for the website has been completed. Hope that you enjoy the new look, and the new features that will be coming soon. New color scheme, logo, and guestbook clean-up has begun.
A Call to Action [03-25-07]
A simple request has brought my attention back to my old website. I will be opening the doors on my old baby, and ushering in some new stuff, inclusive of a news page, dedicated to one of the fallen.


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