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Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing

Dragonrealms - The ultimate role-playing game ever created. Dragonrealms is a pay-for-play text based game from Simutronics. It immerses the player into a fantasy realm that invites character development with advancement of skills and levels.
White Wolf Online White Wolf Publishing Inc. offers roleplaying games that define tabletop and LARP roleplaying.
Dungeons and Dragons - The Game That Started It All Dungeons and Dragons - The game that started it all... Find your official websource for all things D&D.
RPGHost - The Most Compensive Archive for RPGs Online Find everything from RPG hosting, advice, news, and character or storyline generators.
RPG,D&D Library

The web's biggest and best RPG link site. Find everything and more than you were looking for here.
PlanetADND - Your #1 Source For Everything AD&D! Planet ADnD - Your #1 Source for Everything AD&D. This site houses one of the best guides to information about playing this particular game.
TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE="" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="45"> A website dedicated to the art of roleplaying, supporting individual gamers, guilds, clubs and other RPG organizations.
Magister Ludi Roleplaying Resources An excellent cite that details the ins and outs of roleplaying. This site shares the same goals the Handbook seeks to offer.
Zoethout - Links and so much more. A helpful site with a good links page, watch out for the addictive javascript games.
Find any and every game here. Useful information about release dates and listings of accessories also makes this a one-stop shop for finding your favorite games.
Vagrant RPG - Don't Look Back. Vagrant RPG - Don't Look Back. #This free-form Anthro RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Gaming occurs around the clock within a close-knit group of dedicated players. Not an RP for the beginner.

Gamewyrd - The Next Step in Gaming.

Interesting concept in the form of roleplaying, post and read notes with other players. Famous Last Words is perhaps the most thought-provoking writing.
What Free Form RPG Was Meant To Be. Broken Dagger is a text-based free form roleplaying game that stresses character development, interaction, and storylines rather than structured experience gain.
WBS World Of Darkness Network The WBS World of Darkness Network is a collective of rooms at the World Broadcasting System's roleplaying chat that have come together to form their own cross-over World of Darkness roleplay game.


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