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Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing

While setting up a proper storyline, the setting is one of the most important aspects of the whole game. It is the thing that sets up where, when, and what is around during your storyline. Settings are also important for drawing in both players and characters. Certain individuals will have a preference to play in futuristic space settings, and others may prefer the dark and gloomy mysticism of the Dark Ages. It is up to the storyteller, or the game-if you choose to play a prepared setting-to establish a certain feel, and a certain look to your game. Settings must have three things: Location, Time, and Surroundings, these three will be discussed in the following table.

Location Where are you in the world?
Time When is this occuring?
Surroundings What's going on around you?


Where are you? Describe your exact location, name the universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, area, and city, right down to the very block of space that you are on, at least as far as you can.


What time period are you in? What is the date? Does it matter? Can the characters in the story even tell? Were they magically teleported into another era? Do they constantly cross time?


What are the emotional, physical, and social things that surround you? Most of this is determined by the location and the time period. How do you, as the character or storyteller, feel about this particular place, at this time? How do surrounding people in this same boat feel about it? What types of things decorate the landscape? Are there native or foreign plants, flowers, or animals? Is the world strangely devoid of water? What types of mechanical things exist in the world? Is there a form of transportation? Do buildings exist, what do they look like, and what purpose do they serve? What is the social climate? Is there great turmoil, impending gloom, or a renewed feeling of hope? How are the people treated? Is the government just, or corrupt? Does a government exist at all? What types of laws exist?


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