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Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing

Welcome to the Handbook to Roleplaying. Please feel free to browse our articles on roleplaying. There you will find up to date information about the subject, and as always, comments and suggestions are always accepted.

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New Page [06-20-07] 4:17PM AEST
Created a new page about our Website History.
Gaming News Updated [06-19-07] 10:06AM AEST
Warhammer - Age of Reckoning Beta Testing is now online, please visit our Current Gaming News for more information about the most anticipated game for 2007.
Gaming News Updated [05-07-07] 10:19AM AEST
Updated a few tidbits of Current Gaming News for you folks.
Gaming News [04-17-07] 8:59AM AEST
Today's updates include work on a special page request from someone, Gaming News. I'll have a look at the Name Generator tomorrow.
Work Work [04-14-07] 7:18AM AEST
With the Mechanical Stereotypes page almost done, it's time to turn to the other neglected pages of the website.
Stereotypes Work [04-08-07] 9:54AM AEST
Took a break for the Easter holidays, back and working on the Stereotypes page will be priority number one at the moment for me.


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