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Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing

Ok, you have a well fleshed out character, a fair and interested storyteller, and you're ready to rock. Before you go out into the realms and proceed to fight your way to glory, there are a couple of rules that you need to know. Remember, most of these apply to a general concept that exists for OOC or out of character interaction, if your "character" does not play by the rules, that's completely different.

The Six Rules of Gaming Etiquette
1. Relax and have fun. We have enough stress in life as it is, and there's no need to bring that into the game. This can be a time of emotional release, also called a catharsis, which is healthy. REMEMBER THIS IS JUST A GAME!

2. Incorporate and be friendly to new individuals. Remember how difficult it was for you to intially start off playing. However, if they act in a manner that is disruptive to your group, offer them the chance to make an attitude adjustment or as a final act, remove them from the situation.

3. Don't cheat. If everyone else can do it the hard way, you can do it as well. Using typos, replication, faulty game mechanics/bugs/glitches, third party programs, or illegal afk macros to break the rules of gameplay which makes the game imbalanced and unfair for everyone.

4. Communicate with your group. Do not let problems fester, conversely give compliments to those doing exceptional jobs. Don't break up a game or a group of friends, because of the inability to express how you're upset so-and-so stepped on your pet frog.

5. Don't expect to be loved. If you are being out of character, crude, cruel, or even disruptive to a game, do not expect to be liked, or have folks take your side. It's important to remember that people generally have social norms, and breaking them can get you trouble.

6. What happens in game, stays in game. People who do not know you may make assumptions about your personality based off the type of character that you play, or vice versa, but don't allow this to color your view of someone, or let it prevent you from making friendships. People are not their character.


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