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Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing

Well, we have to start somewhere, so let's start by giving a breakdown of some frequently asked questions about roleplaying.

What exactly is Role-Playing?
Think of roleplaying like improvisation - it may be pretending to be something or someone you aren't normally, or a version of yourself. Many people think that roleplaying is limited to scary dungeons and big fire breathing dragons, or even the mother/father/son/daughter roleplaying in a psychiatristís offices, but true roleplaying can incorporate anything from futuristic science fiction robots to blonde bimbos with big guns (and I do mean machine guns). Roleplaying is about experiencing new people, places, thoughts, and ways of thinking that you may not normally encounter.

How do I start?
First, think of a situation that you would find either fun or challenging, preferably both, and put yourself into that situation. How would you react? Congradulations, you've just experienced a small part of roleplaying. Now, grab some willing or unwilling friends that you know who might enjoy this sort of thing. Then, find a secure location to roleplay in, padded walls are recommended, along with a vast supply of caffinated products and munchies. Next, you need to create characters, storylines, and get the equipment you need - this may include, dice, books, props, and other such items. Last, roleplay to your heart's content.

What is a character?
Quite simply, if you are an actor in a movie, your character is the fictional persona you take on to portray a role. Much in the same way, a roleplaying character is the "life" you take on. Your character will interact with other characters in storylines or plots to form a game. Your character should have a personality and goals, much like any normal human being. Though your goal may be to surpass the common garden slug in doing nothing but eatting and sleeping, it is still a goal.

What is a storyline?
A storyline, as it will be further elaborated on, is a storyboard, or simplified script of a roleplaying game or session. This helps move action along a particular path to reach a goal. This goal may either be hidden-and revealed through a series of trial and error, or it may be an obvious goal set forth from the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, the characters will interact in this story, grow and develop as meaningful inhabitants of the lands they originate from, and learn valuable life lessons. More or less, you live a life through the conflicts around your character. A storyline is not an intrigal part for some types of roleplaying, but is is always highly recommended to have a goal, whether it be unstated or stated.


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