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The site news archives for previous years. If you are looking for current news, please visit Current Site News instead.

More Stuff [03-02-04]
Doing basic clean-up and spellchecking. Dividing long pages into shorter, cleaner, and more accessible pages. Information dumping on some pages, and more listings of items and articles. Will be working on links, and various underused portions of the site. Setting up a phpBB messaging board for those of you who want it. Looking into affordable hosting solutions, and getting quotes. Organizing articles and looking into setting up a new layout and "prettier" pages. Less dark and depressing colors.
The Leech [10-23-03]
Well, I discovered I have a bandwidth leech. However, I'm unable to locate who or what it is. If you are experiencing errors while viewing pages, and looking at a page that tells you the site has been suspended, you know why. Anyway, working on the pages, and navigation of such. It's slow going and the errors are popping up more frequently. For those of you still looking for the name generator, I'm sorry, it's been put on the backburner. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to do it, as it seems to require a ton of coding. I might be looking to outsourcing this design project, because I simply don't have the time to look to redesigning something useful. I'm taking project bids as I type this. So, any interested Web Developers, contact me, and I'll get a bid from you. Additionally, new articles are coming!
Is there an editor in the house? [01-19-03]
Say hello to some additional editing and more articles thanks to yours truly. I am attempting to catch most of the pages up, and submit the links and awards that I have put off for so long. For those of you who are faithful in believing that I would finally put up your link, hopefully they'll be up in the next few days. I've had so many complaints about me not putting up the Random Name Generator, that it may be time to just submit a long list of names, divided up as best as I can. This whole random thing will take too long, and take up too much space on my limited free pages. Again, if anyone wants to host this site for free, please contact me. I'm always looking for hosting without these darn pop-up advertisements. I'm also pulling down dead links and looking for new ones, so if you've been holding back, submit them now.
Maintenance Day [09-04-02]
Wow, it's been a long time since I've been able to work on the site. Well, for how busy I've been, please forgive me. I'm looking at free hosting from a good website company that has graciously donated free space. Now, to get a domain name and get heard. We are averaging 30 unique hits per day. That far exceeds what I thought we would get. I'll be working on updating links as it comes up. Currently, that's my primary concern over the name generator. I know that tons of you are upset beyond all belief that I haven't completed it, but it's at 6,000 names at present. Other than that, I'm going to look at restructuring some of the website to make it easier to navigate, and look at. Any suggestions are, as always, appreciated.
Need Help! [04-15-02]
The random generator has hit a few coding snags, they seem to work fine on paper, but working in .swf format just isn't the same. I'll figure it out, and see what I can do with this, I know how annoyed you all must be at me... I swear, it's coming!!! I'm looking for hosting sites that offer a good amount of space for my website, cause I think I've figured out who I'm going to go with to buy the name, now to just figure out what name. I'm taking suggestions, but I'd like, which is owned. I tried to write to the individual who owns it, but he has yet to respond.
I'm trying... [04-08-02]
Well... I have a few of the pages ready for transfer from Flash 5.0. I'm going to eventually upload them once I get some more done so that I can have a little more uniformity. I'm also attempting to put some of them in HTML, so that it's not so barren in the Name Generator Page. Each generator will have 100 first names, and 50 last names or so. Perhaps more as I supplement. A few, like the upper, middle, and lower class European Names might be smaller.
My regards... [04-03-02]
I know it looks like I haven't updated the site in awhile... but I've been toiling away on it. I'm trying to update all the pages to neat animations, and upload all sorts of new information to Flash and PHP... Unfortunately... I've been busy with a new job, and a car wreck, and trying to control things in my life... I hope the name generator will be working by the end of this month. At current count, it's over 5,000 names, and still rising.
More articles! [10-16-01]
Working on campaign settings and breaking stereotypes tonight. Got part of the settings page done, and hopefully will have the rest. We have a new sponsor spotlight on Texas Mafia. Check them out!
You asked, you got it [10-08-01]
Archetypes is done, now, the name generator, breaking stereotypes, and campaign settings need to be completed. Also going to be adding a current gaming news, and review section. I'll also be taking submissions for that as well.
Coding Sucks [09-25-01]
Going to finish archetypes today, and install the random name generator. Later on, I'll see what I can do about getting more generators installed on this site. Please sign out guestbook, I've noticed a lack of participation, and I use that to base new articles on.
Woohoo! [08-31-01]
Got the types of characters for the Archetypes page, now to finish the exact wording. Also working on a random name generator based on common character origins.
Journey of a Heroine [08-26-01]
Hero's Journey is complete. Archetypes, and Settings will be today's focus. If you have any difficulty loading pages, let me know. Angelfire's servers seem to be cutting off certain graphics from loading. Certain pages don't have a uniform look yet either, I'll be fixing that today as well.
More stuff [08-11-01]
The updates continue. Working on the index and links today, as well as Hero's Journey, Classic Archetypes, Example Stories, and Campaign Settings. New voting banners have gone up as well. Any other suggestions on future articles should be sent to our Contact Page.
Mutilate my site please! [08-10-01]
Got all the pages to slightly resemble each other. Next project is to complete the article listing. Should have this taken care of by Monday. Added a quote of the day, and a day counter cause I like the look of it.
Vote for us! [08-09-01]
We are on the Die Roller's Top 50!!! Please take a moment to vote for us, as every one counts. You can also reach other voting polls via the Voting Booth.
Awarded! [08-08-01]
I'm completing the pages as soon as I can. Our Link to Us page has just been created. Please use those banners to link our sites. We also won the gold award from Gamescanner!
New look! [08-07-01]
Here's to the new look of Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-playing. This should improve the ability to navigate the site. You'll notice several changes to the links, some of the pages are not working just yet, so don't get too hopeful.


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