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A Small Glossary of Role-Playing Terms.
Mainly for games that are chatroom based, like Rhy'din or the Palace.

LARP: Live Action Role-Play, this type of roleplaying is accomplished when you are actually acting out scenes from the game or storyline.

Tabletop: Tabletop gaming refers to individuals who gather around a table to throw down the dice and rely mainly on chance to lead the storylines with the storyteller.

Online RP: This refers to the newest generation of Roleplayers. These individuals use profiles to create a persona that others can view. By using the following terms they weave storylines, usually without the help of a storyteller. Different games call for different rules and regulations, just as with Tabletop.


IC: In character, when you state this, it usually means that you are going to role-play your character at this point in time, or that this is what would happen, IC.

:: ::- action signs. These are how you tell the others in the game what your character is doing.
Example>>::walks cautiously in the bar, eyes darting from person to person with a paranoid note to the gaze::

OOC: out of character. Use this when you want to time out the game for a while and talk real life, or clarify things that your character is doing.

(( ))- out of character speech. used to talk real life with out disrupting the pace of the game ... Too much.
Example>>((uhhhh you roll d20 in chat room spats!!! ))


Newbie: someone who is new to role playing. Sometimes used as a derogatory statement.
Example>>((YOU ARE SUCH A NEWBIE! ::slaps him with ignore ray::))

Moder: Someone who doesn't, or can't role-play and is not bothering to learn.
Example>>He rolled 200d999 for assassin dice?!? What a moder!

mun: the person sitting at the keyboard typing. Yeah, you! this is used to speak of yourself while still staying partially in character.
Example>>um... I'll be right back. mun needs to call someone.

BRB: be right back. This is important to say when you are going to leave the computer for any amount of time

AFK: away from keyboard. Pretty self explanatory.

OMG: Oh My God.

IMO: In My Opinion.

BBL: Be Back Later.

WB: Welcome Back.

TY: Thank You.

LOL: Laughing Out Loud.

ROFL: Rolling on Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO: Rolling on Floor Laughing My Ass Off

weg: shortcut for ::wicked, evil grin::

sw: ::soft whisper::

sv:::soft voice::

wess::whispers ever so softly::

botch: to mess up on a dice roll.
Example>>AHHHH !!! ALL ONES ON 4D80??? there's a botch and a half!

proctor: the person who scores a match online... more on the different types of matches later.




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