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Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing

A brief history on the website.

Our History
Back in 1996, Foxfire started with an idea. He wanted to create the foundation for the best advice website on Role-Playing. He created a website on AOL's homepages, and made the basis for our current incarnation. With a few pages dedicated to the world of Rhy'Din and a few other RPGS, he found a fellow gamer in myself, Afira, though sheer coincidence and mutual friends in real life.

In 1998, we pieced together the information we felt was the bare minimum of information we could pass along to inform and advise both advanced and novice players alike. We called our website "Foxfire and Afira's Handbook to Role-Playing", hosted by, and nothing has been the same since.

By the year 2000, Foxfire and I had moved on to other bigger and better fish, and I took sole responsibility to care for and upkeep the website. I changed the look of the website once in 1998, then several additional times later in 2000, 2001, 2004, and then again in 2007 to it's current form.

As the years are passing, and despite my best attempts, sometimes I had to put the website on the back-burner to facilitate my personal life and work career. I don't table-top game as much as I used to, but I enjoy the MMORPG gaming industry and its various components.

Our Awards
In 2001, a little known website honored us with their gold standard for website design. Currently, GameScanner is one of the largest informants on the web about current game news and information.

GameScanner the premier gaming information site on the web.


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