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Heavy Metals Poisoning
General Symptoms of Toxicity

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General Symptoms of Heavy Metals Poisoning


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If you are experiencing the symptoms of heavy metal poisioning, you may wish to be tested and then, assuming toxicity is found, take a heavy metal cleanse or see a doctor about chelation therapy. Many of the symptoms of lead or mercury poisoning may also apply in many other conditions and may not be associated with toxicity. Such general symptoms include the combination of prolonged fatique and mental confusion or lack of focus.

However, Having fatique or mental concentration problems is not enough to suspect heavy metals poisoning. Rather, there are a cluster of symptoms (see heavy metal symptoms link below) that will commonly be present in addition to tiredness or mental fog.

In addition, look for the more particular symptoms that might indicate dangerous levels of harmful heavy metals such as lead mercury, aluminum and others, or heavy metal poisoning. Some of these include any noticable decrease in motor skills and balance.

If you find yourself becoming more clumsy and unbalanced, and it lasts over time, rule out heavy metals poisoning. See more symptoms of heavy metals toxicity below. However, please note: Problems with balance and/or decreased motor skills, while more rare than fatique or mental confusion, may be also indicative of other medical conditions besides heavy metal poisoning so it's important to look at other symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.

Symptom List for Heavy Metals Poisoning

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Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer: Heavy metals poisoning can be life-threatening so it is very important to get medical testing done if you are exhibiting symptoms of severe heavy metals toxicity, such as impaired ability to walk, severe nausea or other severe symptoms. Finding out what metals are present and in what concentration will help you determine the best course of action for detoxing heavy metals from your system.

Because the early symptoms of heavy metals toxicity can also be symptoms of other health conditions, it is vital to get proper testing and evaluation done early on, before the symptoms get worse. Hair analysis and other methods of testing can pinpoint harmful substances and then, the proper heavy metals detox may be put in place.