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Health Benefits of Detoxing the Body
Frequently Asked Detox Questions

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Ask A Healer Detoxing the Body Articles

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Frequently Asked Detox Questions


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Can detoxing help you lose weight? Yes, but not in the same way a diet and exercise plan will help. Detoxing helps because it improves eliminatory and digestive functioning for better utilization of nutrients and more complete elimination of wastes. Some people literally carry pounds of extra weight in their colon. Detoxing can move that out, which may sometimes result in a beginning weight loss.

Can detoxing help improve digestion and elimination? Yes. Better elimination is one of the most common improvement people see with regular detoxing. It stands to reason that getting impacted waste out of the colon helps it perform better. Digestion also often improves with detoxing because a good detox will help flush toxins for the entire system, including the digestive system.

Can detoxing help you sleep better? Yes, but not in the same way a sleep aid would help. Detoxing can help you sleep better because it can reduce gas and bloating and other symptoms of gastronintestinal distress that may keep you awake.

Can detoxing help your skin look better? Absolutely. This is one of the most obvious changes I personally see after a good detox. My eyes look clearer and sparkly, and my skin looks better. However, during the detox itself, it's not unusual for skin to look worse as toxins clear out. Patience is a virtue when detoxing the body

Can I detox if I'm pregnant? No. It is not advisable to do an internal cleanse when pregnant unless you are specifically directed to do so by your doctor

Can I detox if I'm sick? This is a question that can only be answered on an individual basis. If the reason you are sick is because of environmental toxins or parasites or systemic candida, then the properly administered internal cleanse might be vitally beneficial. However, if the immune system is compromised to the degree that the detoxing healing crisis that sometimes occurs might be too much, then it would not be wise. Please consult with your doctor or chosen health care provider and weight benefits against risks.

Colon Cleansing and Detoxing

Detoxing Disclaimer: Detox results vary from person to person for many reasons, such as the degree of toxicity in each body at the time of detoxing and the state of overall health when detoxing. If under a doctors care, clear it with your doctor before you undertake an internal cleanse. If at any point in a detox you feel as if you are detoxifying too fast, adjust dosage of detoxing supplements or stop detoxing. Be wise with your health.