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Ways I've Personally Used MMS
Jim Humble's Master Mineral Supplement

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How I've used Jim Humble's MMS

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The science behind MMS

FDA Alert - The FDA says throw your MMS away. They basically assert that it is bleach. I've read quite a bit of information on the difference. I agree that MMS should not be taken in high doses or taken longterm. However, me and the FDA definitely part ways when they say don't take MMS at all. Make your own decision, at least as long as the FDA lets you. This information is included so you may be more fully informed. As of now, the only approved use of sodium chlorite is as a superior water purification element.

Jim Humble's MMS:
Jim Humble is a tremendously controversial figure. His decision to declare MMS a sacrament of Genesis church is one that may have deeply impacted any serious scientific support of the amazing results that have been documented in third world countries, when it comes to stopping malaria. In any case, I am sharing personal experience here, considered ancedotal in the absense of any peer-reviewed studies. On the other hand, the sheer number of ancedotal stories about this product eventually begin to be enough to prompt consideration of the potential.

How I've Used MMS
I can't tell you how to use MMS, legally, but i can share how I have used it. Though I used MMS internally at first, I later switched to topical use and baths. My body tolerated it better that way and the effects were still amazing. I've experienced noticable relief almost immediately, from sinus congestion and itchy/burning eyes with topical wash of MMS. I've also, more than once, had symptoms of cold and flu gone overnight, especially when I've used the MMS at first sign of symptoms.

For colds, flu, swollen lymph glands, bites, rashes or sinus problems:
I put three drops MMS and three drops activator in a glass and cover it with a cloth or paper towel. I don't breathe the gas.

Then, I add purified water to fill the glass and dunk a cloth or papertowel in the mixture and wash over whatever area is bothering me.

Taking an MMS Bath:
This is my favorite way to use MMS. I read somewhere that people use 15 or 16 drops of MMS and the same amount of activator for the bath but I usually don't use quite that much. To take an MMS bath, I 12 drops mms and 12 drops activator in glass and cover with cloth (I do not breathe the gas).

Then, I fill the glass with purified water and add the MMS mixture to my bath. VERY IMPORTANT: I use a shower ball on my tub to filter chlorine and fluoride from my bath water and highly recommend this, if possible.

While in the bath, I soak my entire body, even putting my face in it and dipping my head in it.

My main concern with the widespread use of MMS is lack of education about how it should be used. For example, just taking it at the same time as you consume caffeine-containing products can result in unnecessary physical discomfort (I found this out the hard way). Please, if you are going to try MMS, go to the Jim Humble website and read everything, I mean everything, about how to use Master Mineral Supplement. Also, educate yourself on how to avoid side effects with MMS and more on MMS Safety.