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How Long do Amalgams
Leak Mercury Vapor?

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How long do amalgam fillings leak mercury?


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Mercury Toxicity - How Long is it an Issue? I had to scour the internet for any information at all about how long mercury can leak from a filling but did find a single reference that said studies showed all mercury would have left an amalgam filling within 20 years time. If that's true, then the fillings I have are no long leaking but that doesn't explain why my symptoms got worse when I chipped a filling recently. In any case, it gives me some sort of comfort to know that the fillings I have left may not have much or any mercury left to leak.

However, all that mercury that has leaked out went somewhere. As I have started this detox, I'm aware that a lot of it must have went to my eyes, ears, sinuses and brain because that's where the detox is affecting me the most. I still want the fillings out even though I'm past the period where my amalgams no longer leak mercury. However, knowing that most of it has already leaked frees me up to go into the detox full blast now, without fear of releasing a lot more from the fillings themselves.

A note on testing:
There are a lot of different ways to test for mercury in the body. However, they don't always accurately represent mercury levels. For example, a saliva test will only show mercury in the mouth. Obviously, if you have high mercury levels in the mouth area, it stands to reason you have them elsewhere so a saliva test might be a good first step.

However, to know for sure how much mercury is accumulating in your body, other tests may be necessary. I'd suggest consulting with a detox specialist on whether a fecal metals test, urine mercury testing or blood mercury testing might also be advisable. I've read conflicting information on mercury challenges. Some believe these can be harmful.

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Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer:
Because so many of the symptoms of mercury toxicity may also be symptoms of several other health challenges, testing and evaluation is vital. As far as I am concerned, having a cluster of the symptoms of mercury overload AND having amalgam fillings is enough of a combination to at least get tested for mercury poisoning.