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This is part of an article series on detoxing mercury from the body safely and effectively. I started this research when I realized that I was probably mercury poisoned from amalgam fillings and particularly after one of the teeth with a filling cracked and I noticed a lot of symptoms indicating mercury dumping. You may want to start at the beginning, if you found this page by internet search:

Part 1: Detoxing Amalgam Mercury

Part 2: Mercury Detox Steps

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1. Chlorella - Chlorella is a strong mercury mobilizer, as well as being a binder. In other words, it can get mercury loose from accumulation pockets in organs and can also assist with binding it so that it doesn't land somewhere else on the way out. I'm getting chlorella in an organic greens drink I drink (I like Suja and get those at Kroger) but also ordered some Clean Chlorella on amazon. It's from Vital Extracts and here's a link: Clean Chlorella

2. Pectin - Fruit pectin is most often made from apples. Since apples are a crop that gets a lot of pesticide sprayed on them when conventionally grown, I suggest organic or no pectin at all. It's a great binder and when used with chlorella provides powerful help for detoxing mercury. Organic apple sauce is an option for getting pectin but there is more in the peel than the pulp. You can make pectin by cooking down organic apples into a sauce too. Lemon and orange peel and pith are other pectin sources. I can't handle lemon peel but kinda like lemon and orange pith. With lemon, I can also make lemon water to help detox my liver so that's a cool bonus. I'm eating organic apple sauce and using organic pectin because trying to detox with non-organic apple pectin doesn't make sense. Conventionally grown apples are heavily pesticided. Update on organic pectin - The fda has determined that apple pectin may not be called "organic" if it is extracted using alcohol. I didn't realize alcohol was used in making pectin but apparently so. This means you may not be able to find true organic pectin but can find pectin made from organic apples.

Results from Organic Pectin and Clean Chlorella

A note on pectin: Almost every website I found listed pectin as a binder of mercury. However, at least one resource that posited that pectin worked more by lowering inflammation than binding. I'm still researching all of this but figure if pectin has any binding capacity at all, it may help.

3. Terramins brand Montmorillite Clay - I got this product initially for detoxing in general, and to help keep me alkalized. I like this product a lot. I use it for facials, put it in my bath and use it as a mouth rinse. It is ionic and has nice properties for detoxing heavy metals. I'm using this but will say that most mercury detox sites I checked suggest Bentonine Clay. I don't have a recommendation on Bentonite Clay but suggest asking about aluminum content and whether the clay is tested for pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

4. selenium and zinc are suggested often, to help the body detox mercury. I'm taking selenium but not zinc. However, these can both be toxic at high levels so a deficiency needs to be determined. Since I didn't have a test to determine my selenium and zinc levels, I only take recommended daily dosage.

5. Activated charcoal - I take activated charcoal but I don't consider it the best absorber. I think it does help but it also constipates me if I take too much so I primarily add it when I've had a big meal where I chewed more than usual or after hot soup. Amalgams that are leaking mercury will release a lot more in those situation so that's when I feel I need the charcoal most.

Caution: I know a lot of resources say that activated charcoal will not cause constipation. That has not been my experience. Any time I've taken it more than once, I've ended up constipated. Be sure to up water intake and maybe add a stool softner if you have an issue.

6. Mercury Binding rinse: I have found reference to an amalgam-blocking toothpaste but it appears not to be available. If I can find it, or a recipe for it, I'll post that asap. In the meantime, I did find a mercury-binding mouthrinse and ordered it. It's from a company called Bioray. I'll update here once I've used it long enough to report on effectiveness. It is supposed to bind all oral mercury so I intend to use it after meals, since chewing releases more mercury. You can find my review of it so far here: NDF rinse from Bioray

7. Fresh organic strawberries or organic freeze-dried strawberries. As mentioned on part two of this report, fresh organic strawberries have a unique ability to bind mercury. This was a totally new one for me. Had no idea strawberries could bind mercury but apparently they can. It's hard to get organic strawberries in the winter, actually it's hard year round in rural areas like where I live. I did find an organic freeze-dried strawberry powder and I'm going to order that as soon as I can. The same website indicated that peanut butter works even better than strawberries but I don't eat peanut butter due to mold sensitivities and the high arginine content.

CAUTION: I went overboard on the strawberries. I ate two large containers full in two days, resulting in terrible constipation. Don't do what I did. Start slow. Strawberries have a lot of fiber. I didn't drink enough water. Also, please note that you should ask your doctor if you can eat strawberries if you have IBS, Crohn's or Diverticulitis. Sometimes, folks with those conditions cannot tolerate fruit with seeds.

8. Organic sulfur and high sulfur foods - Another supplement that will help with mercury detox is organic sulfur, or MSM. Again, I don't plan on using this without a binder like pectin but I have added Sulfur Defense to my daily regimen. Crushed, fresh garlic is a high-sulfur food, as is organic broccoli and onion. Caution about sulfur foods and supplements - Sometimes the sulfur intake paths get messed up when one is mercury poisoned so a lot of people find they can't handle high sulfur foods with adding molybednum to their regimen and some can't even handle it then. The explanation makes my hair hurt but has to do with thiols.

9. Liposomal glutathione (not as simple as just taking it and opinions vary as to whether to take at beginning or toward end of detoxing), humic acid and natural folate donors like SAMe and TMG are other substances mentioned for mercury detoxing and I'm reading up on these. I used to use a product called PCA-rx by Maxam Labs and believe it was the best mercury detox that existed at the time. It is in jeopardy from FDA actions agains the company so not sure if it will be readily available again or not. I hope so. Cilantro helps the body release mercury but I've read that you need to take a binding agent with cilantro, to prevent the released heavy metal from lodging somewhere else on it's way out.

10. Microsilica - Silica in nano form is apparently a very good choice for detoxing, in some way having to do with thiol binding sites. I found a product containing it on amazon but be ready to spend some money. Too rich for me at this point in time but on my list: Nano Silica. This Metal Sweep product also contains Vitamin C. I am against the use of bottled water, for environmental as well as health reasons but when I discovered Fuji Water naturally contains high amounts of silica, I started drinking it every day. I do not use Fuji water as my only source of water though because it is also high in calcium and other minerals and the silica really seems to work at detoxing so I don't personally want to go too fast.

11. Saunas and exercise - Anything that makes the body sweat can help the skin eliminate mercury. However, one STRONG caution about saunas. Heat increases mercury release. The safest option is near infrared saunas, since they do not raise body temperature. You have to wipe sweat off after a sauna, to keep from reabsorbing the mercury on the skin. I wish I'd known this years ago. I used to do sweat lodges, which are hotter than any sauna, and I never wiped off afterwards but just let my skin air dry. I would only use saunas AFTER removing all my amalgam fillings. Til then, will focus on exercise as a way to help my body eliminate through the skin.

12. Humic Acid and Fulvic Acids - This is the newest addition to my own mercury detox so I can't say too much about how well they work but will update that page when I've had time to evaluate any differences I notice.

13. Baking soda - Yeah, that's right. I already knew that baking soda was great for alkalinizing the system. I usually drink a teaspoon in water when I have a high-acid meal or when I have a beer or two. However, I didn't know it also helps the body release heavy metals and even radiation. If you are on a sodium-restricted diet, check with your doctor before adding baking soda to your detox regimen. Explore the Detox and Healing Properties of Baking Soda

14. synthetic chelators - There are medically administered chelators that are used by allopathic doctors in the case of acute heavy metals poisoning. The main ones I've read about are DMPS and DMSA. I would not avail myself of either of these options but intend to keep going the natural route to detoxing my own body from mercury but am including this information for those who might want to ask their doctor for appropriate testing to determine heavy metals poisoning and whether or not the use of synthetic chelators might be recommended. I personally would not opt for procaine either. You can read up on the risks vs benefits online if your doctor recommends it.

GENERAL MERCURY DETOX CAUTIONS: One of my strongest concerns with detoxing mercury was protecting my kidneys and liver. I knew that detoxing too fast, and overwhelming the eliminatory system might make matters worse. I consider it to be an unhealthy practice to try to rid the body of accumulated mercury in rapid fashion, unless it has accumulated to the point it is life-threatening. If a person has that much mercury, the best detox advice I could give is to get to a hospital that knows how to safely handle acute mercury poisoning. I drink more purified water when detoxing, drink lemon water for living cleansing, and take Azo Cranberry to aid in keeping down bladder bacteria and also elimination while detoxing. I also alkalize by using a water catalyst or drinking a little baking soda in water, or a little montmorillite clay in water.

Supportive Supplements During Detox Process: In addition to the Azo cranberry and baking soda for kidney support and the lemon water for liver support, I additionally take a good trace minerals supplement and a bioavailable methyl/adreno B12 supplement without the chemical version of folate. If the label says folic acid, look for one that says metafolin instead. Because adrenal exhaustion is often a byproduct of mercury toxicity, I also take adrenal gland support supplements, chiefly ashwaghanda and occasionally take milk thistle for added liver support, at times when I feel the burden on the liver might be higher.

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer:
Because so many of the symptoms of mercury toxicity may also be symptoms of several other health challenges, testing and evaluation is vital. As far as I am concerned, having a cluster of the symptoms of mercury overload AND having amalgam fillings is enough of a combination to at least get tested for mercury poisoning. Also, if you have more amalgam fillings, there is no question you are breathing some mercury vapor. New testing has shown that the vapors release daily until the amalgams have been removed and chewing or drinking hot beverages increases the rate of release.