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Ridding My Body of Toxic Mercury
My Personal Approach to Detoxing Mercury

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Featured Detox Formula: Bioray HDF Plus - Contains probiotics, micronized chlorella, organic cilantro, Agaricus Blazei, Reishi and Cordyceps mushroom, Milk thistle, Horsetail Herb, in a base of deionized water and gluten free alcohol (20% by volume).

Strong Disclaimer: I am using myself as a human guinea pig with this idea. I will update once I've tried this and if it ends up making things worse, I take responsibility as someone who is self-treating my situation. If you are not willing to take responsibility, just don't try this at home!

This is part of an article series on detoxing mercury from the body safely and effectively. I started this research when I realized that I was probably mercury poisoned from amalgam fillings and particularly after one of the teeth with a filling cracked and I noticed a lot of symptoms indicating mercury dumping. You may want to start at the beginning, if you found this page by internet search:

Part 1: Detoxing Amalgam Mercury

Warning: If you have access to a true holistic dentist that follows all the protocols established for safe amalgam removal (there are a lot of protocols!) then the best thing you can do is get the amalgams out, of course. Please visit IAOMT for more information on protocols for safe amalgam removal.

Please also note that some chelation doctors say you should NEVER try to remove mercury from the body while you still have amalgam fillings in your mouth. However, I am attempting to eliminate fresh mercury being released on a daily basis, until such time as I can have my amalgams removed. Some chelation doctors will NOT approve doing this, such as Andrew Cutler. I am aware of the risks and am monitoring my body's reactions on a daily basis. If you have amalgam fillings, please consult a mercury chelation specialist if you can afford one!

I made some mistakes when I first started trying to detox the mercury from my own body. I used cilantro and MSM (a natural form of sulfur) but did not use a binder with it and, trust me, that's not the way to do it. Oh, cilantro definitely released the mercury but I ended up with other symptoms after that, which let me know the mercury that had been released had not all exited the body. I felt weak and fatiqued, mentally fuzzy, achy and generally bad. I have read about the chemical inadequacy of cilantro as a chelator but the scientific aspects are beyond me explaining except to say it has to do with something called thiols. These "thiols" act like claws that grab mercury and other heavy metals but if a substance only has one thiol, the mercury gets dropped and redistributes into other parts of the body. If a substance has two thiols, the mercury can be safely escorted out of the body

So getting mercury out of the tissues is really not that hard; the problem is mobilizing that released mercury in such a way that it can be transported out and not redeposited. So the first step is to get mercury loose from where it has accumulated within tissues and organs; then the mercury must be bound (held by a thiol claw) and leave the body, primarily through kidneys, liver or skin. If it is mobilized and not bound, it may simply land in another organ or the brain and cause new toxicity symptoms from having moved.

Almost everything I read (and I probably read over 100 web pages) says you need a binder with substances that mobilize mercury, like cilantro. Using cilantro along can be dangerous and I wouldn't advise it, from personal experience. Before I knew about binders, I tried it alone and it made things a lot worse. So did zeolites, used alone, at least in my case. It's important to be sure you have both release and elimination covered. Pectin is a binder; so is microsilica (binds mercury in intestines). By contrast, herbs like cilantro are mobilizers, not binders. Mobilizers can be very effective at getting the mercury to release but must be assisted by a binder for elimination.

We all absorb mercury, just from the environment. Our bodies are designed to be able to elminate a certain amount of poison. However, if you have mercury fillings, they leak mercury continuously and sometimes to a degree that your body cannot get rid of it. Before you rush out to get those nasty fillings out, be careful. I plan to get mine out but before that, I plan to detox as much of the accumulated mercury as I possibly can and use natural binders to keep it from accumulating again. I also plan to only have this work done by a dentist who specializes in mercury filling removal. Getting amalgams removed properly, in many cases, results in reversal of poisoning symptoms and return to health but there are definite dangers, as a lot of mercury is disturbed and released when fillings are drilled into and removed. So until amalgam removal is an option for me, I'm utilizing all natural approaches I can find. Here are some approaches I am personally using:

1. I am limiting chewing and hot beverages. I know we have to chew, to eat, but I cut foods into small pieces so less chewing is required. Heavy chewing, like with chewing gum or foods that require a lot of chewing, will release more mercury as will hot beverages. I use a straw when drinking anything hot so that I can drink it without washing over the amalgam fillings. I do not chew chewing gum any more at all and I limit extremely chewy foods.

2. I am sometimes using a rinse of Terramins clay and purified water after meals and have also started using a rinse that has been documented to bind 100% of oral mercury release inside the mouth. It's called NDF and is put out by a company called Bioray. More on NDF mercury binding rinse. I ordered the rinse straight away but I learned very quickly that it's best to go very slow with this product. Please read my review at linked page above.

3. I am avoiding fish. I personally have rarely any fish since the Gulf Oil Spill and Fukushima. I don't trust farm-raised at all but it might actually be safer than fish from the Gulf of Mexico or Pacific Ocean now. Fish from the gulf is suspect since the botched "clean up" of the gulf coast by BP. The Pacific Ocean is radioactive. Fukushima is still leaking, folks. The only fish I would feel comfortable eating these days would be wild caught Atlantic ocean fish. Wild caught Alaskan salmon still a better choice than Pacific Ocean fish but Fukushima cesium was detected in an Alaska salmon sample back in 2014. I don't even take fish oils even though they are a great source of Omega-3's but I will say I've read that fermented cod liver oil, processed by modern processing protocols, should not have mercury.

4. I am practicing gentle oil pulling, emphasis on the "gentle". I use organic sesame seed oil or extra virgin unrefined coconut oil when I pull because of it's healing properties. However, I NEVER pull vigorously. I gently swish the oil for two or three minutes and then spit out. Obviously, it is very important not to swallow the oil because it may contain toxicity that has been "pulled". I am working my way toward pulling for more time. Recommended time to pull is 20 minutes but it's harder than it sounds to do oil pulling for that long! More on oil pulling.

5. I am eating lots and lots of organic apple sauce and will eat organic strawberries when in season. I came across a site that talked about how their tests had shown that strawberries will bind mercury better than any other food (strawberries won't pull mercury out of tissues but could be helpful after meals and for daily detox of fresh mercury that has not deposited). I found this info during the winter though, so I will have to settle for organic freeze-dried strawberry powder, which also proved effective for binding mercury. I plan to be eating fresh organic strawberries whenever they are in season. Organic is a must because, in detoxing mercury, I don't care a thing about adding pesticides.

6. Fuji Water - I normally avoid all bottled water because of the environmental impact of all that plastic but I have made an exception for Fuji water because it is high in natural silica. I don't drink a lot of it, however, because I get mercury dump symptoms when I do. At least I think it's mercury but could also be aluminum dumping because silica helps bind aluminum too. In any case, I drink a little Fuji water after I eat and I rinse my mouth with it after I've been chewing anything, brushing my teeth or drinking anything hot.

7. Pectin - I am mixing organic apple pectin in a bit of organic juice when I take my low dose of chlorella tablets in the mornings and evenings. I have read about pectin facials on beauty websites and natural do-it-yourself recipes abound. Since pectin is a fairly good binder of mercury, I'm planning to trying it as a facial too, mixed with organic freeze-dried strawberry powder and coconut oil. My theory is that since the fillings in my mouth are where the mercury is emerging, regular facials with a binder like pectin and strawberry, might help. I have no proof of this and have not seen it mentioned as a detox option but I'm gonna try it. At worst, I'll have nicer looking skin. At best, it may help bind releasing mercury. I ordered organic apple pectin from Eternally Herbal but, due to new FDA regulations, even if apple pectin is sourced from organic apples, it can no longer be labeled organic if it is extracted with alcohol. There just isn't a source for organic apple or strawberry pectin that I can recommend but I am assured that the Eternally Herbal pectin, although no longer labeled organic, is still extracted from organic apples.

8. Selenium - Selenium can turn mercury into a harmless inert substance. Because mercury is drawn to it, a mercury toxicity can lead to selenium deficiency so I'm taking 200 mcg of selenium daily. Because I care about reducing the mercury burden in the environment, I've started throwing in a couple of selenium tablets into the toilet before I go. I don't know how long it keeps mercury inert but it can't hurt to disable it for a while.

9. Support supplements - Mercury toxicity is hard on the adrenals and B-12 stores so I take a liquid methyl/adreno B12 plus Gaia's Adrenal Health with ashwaghanda. I also take a good trace mineral supplement and Vitamin D3. Also important: Vitamin E but at the moment, I don't have that one. I just get more support supplements as I can each week. Vitamin E on the list!

Supplements for mercury detox

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer and STRONG personal disclaimer: I am using myself as a human guinea pig with this idea. I will update once I've tried this and if it ends up making things worse, I take responsibility as someone who is self-treating my situation. If you are not willing to take responsibility, just don't try this at home! Because so many of the symptoms of mercury toxicity may also be symptoms of several other health challenges, testing and evaluation is vital. As far as I am concerned, having a cluster of the symptoms of mercury overload AND having amalgam fillings is enough of a combination to at least get tested for mercury poisoning.