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Mercury Binding Mouthrinse
to Detox Oral Mercury

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Review of NDF Rinse by Bioray

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Ingredients: Deionized water, Xylitol, Micronized Chlorella, Ascorbic Acid, MicroPearl, Silica, Niacin, Grapefruit seed extract, lemon essential oil, peppermint essential oil and potassium sorbate. Alcohol-free, gluten free, soy free, no-dairy, no-gmo.

Initial Review on NDF Rinse, January, 2016 + periodic updates:
I am in the process of mercury detox from amalgam fillings and I am researching everything I can find online about doing this safely and naturally. I also looked at chelation therapies but felt the risks outweighed the benefits but make no mistake: THERE IS RISK regardless of whether you go the medical route or the natural one. Mercury is one of the most toxic ingredients for the body and it doesn't take much to wreak havoc.

A few weeks prior to writing this review, I had an tooth with a mercury amalgam filling chip (see the link above if you want to know why I still have amalgams after learning how toxic they are) and had a flare up of mercury toxicity symptoms. At that time, I began taking organic pectin, chlorella, detoxing clay and other substances known to mobilize mercury and/or to be mercury-binding. how I'm detoxing mercury

I started using the Bioray NDF Oral Heavy Metal Detox Mouth Rinse on January 16, 2016. The very first night I used it, I swished it in my mouth for two minutes. It was a mistake. I had such a wild feeling in my head. I literally felt as if my brain was being affected. I wasn't sure this was a good thing and wondered if the rinse might be mobilizing more mercury than it was binding. I also saw a difference in my vision. My eyes hurt and looked weak the next day.

The second night, I had a similar and very noticable reaction. I could literally feel something moving in my head and eyes and I assume it was mercury. I decided to pack around my fillings with Terramin Clay and after I did that, the weird head sensations cleared. I left the clay in my mouth for about 3-5 minutes and then spit out and rinsed. It worked to alleviate the head symptoms so I'm assuming there was still mercury that the NDF rinse either did not release or released but did not bind.

So I'm looking at the rinse carefully but have not ruled it out because of another factor that may be unique to me. I am very sensitive to all sugar alcohols. For example, I cannot tolerate sorbitol at all and have lesser but still troubling reactions to xylitol. NDF Rinse from Bioray contains xylitol. I wish it didn't. In any case, since I have a reaction to sugar alcohols of any kind, I'm not ruling out that part of my sensitivity after the NDF rinse is xylitol-based.

The third night of use, I simply rinsed my mouth quickly with NDF rinse and then spit out and rinsed very well with water. This seemed to be better for me thank swishing it around for a minute or two, as I had been doing. I am going to continue to use the NDF rinse and will update on this page after I know more about how it's affecting me. However, I think my amalgams may be releasing more mercury due to a chip in one of them so I'd probably caution anyone with a known chip to make sure they are supplying the body with sufficient mercury-binding supplements if they choose to try this product. A good adrenal support supplement is important. I plan to start on Ashwaghanda as soon as I can afford it. It's not the expensive but it all adds up and right now I have all I can afford with the supplements I'm taking.

Update, January 20: I had reported very strong reaction when I first started using the Bioray NDF mouthrinse. I have to consider it extremely effective at mobilizing mercury because I felt all sorts of sensations in my head, eyes, ears and sinuses even with just one use. That first night, I felt completely as if my head was a moving mass of toxins, with mental disorientation. My eyes definitely registered some issues too. My sense was that the rinse might have mobilized more mercury than anything I'd used to that point, possibly because it was applied in the mouth, so close to the brain and eyes. By modifying the rinse to 10 seconds rather than 2 minutes, and packing around my teeth with Terramin clay, I saw tremendous resolution to the symptoms. It was quick too. 4 days into this, I am feeling clearer-headed and eyes are showing good improvement too.

I also added Carnosine eye drops and though the drops stung the first time I used them, My eyes felt better within minutes and better still the next morning. I read somewhere (I've literally seen hundreds of websites at this point, a lot of them saying the same thing over and over) that using an eyedrop with antioxidants was good to do and I have to agree so far.

Update 1/29/2016: I had to stop using the mouthrinse every day.. I am convinced that it does something, for sure, to release mercury and clear it. That is based on the very first time I used it. However, whether due to the addition of xylitol (I am allergic to it) or some other ingredient or factor, I had to stop using it after repeatedly developing raw areas on the inside of my mouth and extremely dry, chapped lips. I thought it might be dehydration. perhaps I was not taking in enough water for safe detox so I upped water. Symptoms continued.

I could not, at first, determine whether the mouthrinse was the reason for these symptoms, or some other element of my detox regimen, so I stopped everything, including the rinse. In a day or two, my mouth was a lot better so I tried the rinse again. The next morning, I felt the inside of my mouth getting irritated. I did this experiment two more times, with the same result. When I used the mouthwash, I noticed irritation and chapped lips. When I stopped, the symptoms improved. I can only assume it is something in the mouthrinse and I suspect xylitol. If you can tolerate sugar alcohols, you may still be able to use HDF rinse.

Update 4/12/2016: I tried the rinse again last night because I had taken chlorella and noticed that familiar over-salivation that tells me my mouth is releasing mercury. As soon as I rinsed with the Bioray Mouthrinse, I followed with rinses of Fuji water. The over-salivation stopped with the third rinse of Fuji water (Fuji water is naturally high in silica). Since part of the reason I think the Bioray product bothered me is the xylitol in it, I reasoned that maybe a rinse with Fuji water several times after using the Bioray might help. It did. I did not wake up with the dry, chapped mouth that I had before. I also felt noticably more clear-headed on waking than I have in a while so I am going to continue this Bioray with Fuji water rinse and will update. If this can at least bind and remove the fresh mercury leaking from fillings on a daily basis, it may help me until I can get the fillings out.

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Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer:
I suggest caution if using the NDF rinse. Please read entire page above for more info. Symptoms of mercury poisoning need to be evaluated and other health conditions presenting similar symptoms ruled out. Testing and evaluation is vital. As far as I am concerned, having a cluster of the symptoms of mercury overload AND having amalgam fillings is enough of a combination to at least get tested for mercury poisoning.

HDF Mouthrinse Reviewed by Neva Howell. Bioray HDF Rinse My review of the HDF mercury-binding mouthrinse from Bioray