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The beaches and naturist beaches on the island of Skyros in Greece

Beaches of Skyros Greece Molos and Magazia are two villages with a beautiful sandy beach. These beaches are situated not far north of Chora on the east side of Skyros. The distance to the capital is 4 kilometers. On this part of Skyros you find most accommodations of the island and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. They are also the only beaches with a bus connection from Chora. Molos and Magazia have organised beaches where you can rent a sun bed and an umbrella. To get to the other beaches of Skyros it's helpful to have your own transport (there is is bus connection with the port of Linaria though, and thus the beach of Acherounes - a ten minutes walk from Linaria - can also be reached by public transport)..

Tou Papa Homa Beach to just south of Magazia Beach, not far from Chora, right underneath the huge rock, is the local nudist beach. It is a long and sandy beach. Tou Papa to Homa Beach is only accessible from the north side via a path from the main road. You need to go through a fence next to an old house that is situated along the main road and follow the path downwards. There are some caves and some rocks on the beach, which is quite clean. Needless to say that there are no facilities on this beach, but Skyros Chora is close by.

Gyrismata Beach is a long sandy beach just north of Molos and Magazia. During high season it can be quite busy here. There are several taverns where you can have something to eat and there are different kinds of accommodation for rent. There are no other facilities on the beach.

On the north coast there are several small beaches. The best known beach in the north of Skyros is Palamari Beach, next to the ruins of the old city is Palamari (Bronze Age, from 2500 to 1800 BC). This city was quite large (20,000 m2), but a part of it is now in the sea. Palamari Beach is a beautiful and large sandy beach, located 13 km away from Chora. It is quiet and there are no facilities. It is necessary to bring your own water and something to eat and take a good sunblock. The beach is not far from the airport (no international flights so you have absolutely no noise from airplanes) and a military base.

Between Molos and Palamari Beach on the northeast side of the island is the beach of Kareflou. It is a long and quiet beach of mostly sand with some pebbles and boulders. It is a beach with no facilities and no trees for shade, so only suitable for those who seek peace and who bring a good sunscreen and water. Maybe also a destination for naturists?

Theotokos or Limanaki Beach is situated in the northwest of the island at about 12 kilometer distance of the Chora, just above Agios Petros Beach and not far from the militairy base. It is a quiet and secluded beach without any facilities, but it can get more busy in the high season when Greek families come over and bring their parasols. The beach itself is a sandy beach and not very large. It is reached over a dirt track. In the area of Theotokos Beach are a couple of engraved tombs.

Agalipa Beach is a little-known beach on the northwest side of Skyros on Cape Agalipa. It consists of two pieces and it is a beach of pebbles and coarse sand. On the small beach of Agalipa lies a stranded ship (a rather large fishing boat). The beach is located in a small bay and is surrounded by pine trees and high cliffs under which you can find some shade. With some difficulty it is possible to walk to these beaches and in case you find it empty of course you can use it as a naturist beach. Because the beach is so isolated there are no facilities here.

Agios Petros Beach is situated in the north of Skyros. It is a large and quiet beach with sand and pebbles, backed by sand dunes and surrounded by cedar trees. This beach is sometimes a destination for naturists, also because it is so quiet. If you want to swim here than it is less easy because of the rocks directly in front of the beach. Agios Petros Beach is reached by a dirt track that starts near the air base. There are no facilities on the beach (only sometimes a "cantina" during the high season). The beach is named after the chapel of Agios Petros, which is on a rock nearby the beach.

Atsitsa Beach is located on the northwest side of the island. It is set in the Bay of Agios Petros and it is a sandy beach with a number of pine trees around it (but still it can be difficult to find shade here). There are not many facilities and there are no umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. There is something of a tavern in the neighborhood, but perhaps it is still advisable to bring water if you go to this beach. The distance from Atsitsa to Chora is about 19 kilometer. In the village you can see some stone pillars, which are remnants of an old railway line that was used for transporting iron from mines in the mountains.

Kyra Panagia Beach is a beautiful sandy beach that lies just above Atsitsa Beach, in the northwest of the island of Skyros. It is a quiet beach with no facilities (no umbrellas and sunbeds, no taverns). At the beach, which is surrounded by pine trees, there are a few small houses and a small church.

Aspous Beach is located on the northeast side of the island of Skyros, about 5 km away from Skyros Town / Chora. It is a sandy beach in a beautiful bay. Aspous Beach is quieter than the beaches that lie a short distance north of the Chora. There are a number of taverns, and there are some houses along the coast, but there are no other facilities such as parasols and sunbeds. There are a few trees along the beach for some shade, but it is recommended to bring an umbrella or a good sunblock with you. Along the coastline are some rocks, the sea is shallow there.

Next to Aspous Beach is Achilli Bay, where the hero Achilles stepped on the boat towards the Trojan War. Again there is a sandy beach, but there is a large marina built here which destroyed much of the charm of the beach. Currently there are mainly fishing boats. A large part of the enclosed circular bay is now occupied by the marina. From the beach you can see Aspous in the distance and the castle of the Chora that lies on the top of the rock. It is a quiet beach with little waves and there are no umbrellas or sunbeds for hire. On the beach stands the pretty chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

Agios Fokas Beach is located in the west of Skyros, southwest of Chora, just west of the beach of Pefkos and south of Astisa Beach. It is a beach with sand and pebbles, surrounded by pine trees. The last stretch to the beach (about four kilometers) is over a dirt road. Take the exit to Pefkos and then take the dirt road you will see here (so not all the way to Pefkos). During high season there is a tavern on the beach, but there are no other facilities. The beach is one of the destinations for naturists. On the north side of the beach, behind the tavern is a path to another beach where there is a place for naturism. The distance from Agios Fokas Beach to Chora is about 13 kilometer.

Pefkos Beach is a quiet beach that lies in the west of Skyros just south of Atsitsa. It is situated in a bay that is surrounded by pine trees, and facing the beach is a relatively flat island. The beach is rather isolated and there are not many facilities, so you must bring your own water (although in high season there seems to be a taverne). Some parts of the road to the beach are dirt track. At Pefkos beach are a few houses. It was once the site of a marble quarry, and marble was exported from the bay.

Acherounes Beach is a beautiful beach on the west coast of Skyros, at 10 kilometer distance from Chora. It is a popular sandy beach in a small bay and on both sides it is surrounded by a mountain. The beach is protected from the wind and is well suited for families with small children, also because the water is shallow and so it is easy to get into the sea. On Acherounes beach you can have something to eat or drink, but there are no parasols and sunbeds for rent. At the beach is the attractive chapel of Panagia Meglou. From the beach there is a view of several small islets (Renae, Skyropoula and Valax). Because this beach is only at a 10 minutes distance walk from Linaria (the harbour) it is popular with people that are staying at this part of the island.

Kalamitsa Beach is situated just south of the port of Linaria, and for that reason it can sometimes get a bit busier. It is a long sandy beach that is regularly in the path of the wind and therefore it is popular with windsurfers. The distance from Chora is about ten kilometers. It is an organized beach and there are a number of taverns and cafes, and a surf club. Kalamitsa is widely considered the best beach of Skyros. At the beach of Kalamitsa is the chapel of Agios Mamas, and near are a sarcophagus and a well-preserved column from the Doric time.

Just south of Kalamitsa Beach is another beach: the pebble beach of Kolymbada, where it is so quiet that it is also used as a naturist beach. It is a long walk from the main road to this beach but even during the high season it is so quiet that you can take off your clothes and go for some nude swimming. Of course there are no facilities here, so bring your own water, especially since you also have to climb back up to the road.

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