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The beach of Kareflou on the island of Skyros in Greece
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Beaches of Skyros Greece Between Molos and Palamari Beach on the northeast side of the island is the beach of Kareflou. It is a long, wide and quiet beach that mostly consists of coarse sand with some pebbles and boulders. Kareflou beach is a beach with no facilities and no trees for shade, so only suitable for those who seek peace and who bring a good sunscreen and water. Maybe also a destination for naturists? It seems to be large and quiet enough for that. Sometimes the beach is in the wind and there can be quite some seaweed on the shore (Not while we were there. We noticed that there appeared to be more often seaweeds on the beaches situated on the west coast, and not so much on the beaches on the east coast such as Kareflou). At the beach of Kareflou you can find the small white church of Agios Petros (it is placed on private property so you cannot have a look at it). You look out over the small island of Podies which lies in front of the shore. Just a little north of Kareflou beach there is another small cove with a beach. The distance to the capital Skyros Chora is 7 kilometers. The beach is indicated by a yellow sign from the main road. The last couple of kilometers from the main road to the beach is over a doable dirt track.

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