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Andrew:  Welcome to my Ogre Battle Saga page.  Though this site is still under massive construction, I hope to make it one of the best OB sites out their.  Though it will mainly cover Ogre Battle Episode VI, but I will include some information about the other games in the series as well.  Enjoy!

Zenobian History  Hugo Report  Warren Report
Hugo:  Here is where you can find information on me and my comrades as well as my enemies from Ogre Battle 64.  Here you can also find descriptions of the games endings.  This does contain spoilers, so be aware.

Leia:  There are some very useful and interesting artifacts that can be found in Palatinus.  Here you can find a list of such items and how some may be obtained, if you wish to know.

Meridia:  Hello there!  Here you can find information on all sorts of magic from Ogre Battle 64.  This includes combination magic and the all too powerful Drakonite Books.

Ogre Battle Gaiden
Destin:  The lost Ogre Battle Game for the Neo Geo Pocket.  Despite a lack a information and resources, we strive to give what is available.

Tactics Ogre Gaiden
Carth:  Quest has begun to release more information on Tactics Ogre Gaiden:  Knight of Lodis.  Here you can find the most up-to-date information outside of Japan on the Gameboy Advance game.

Gallery I
Andrew:  Well, here you can find my Artwork section.  I've gotten all the playable character pics done and am now working on finishing the villains.  Expect some MotBQ and LUCT art soon too, especially since I only have six more PoLC sketches to do.
You can also check out my own page for original art, for my story Crescent.  There will be a whole lot of new sketches here.
Gallery II
Here you can find some of the more rare company art from the game, like portraits and job class pics.

7-4-01:  I've updated the TOG page with some new art and a short explanation of the class system.  The Warren report with TO art has finally been added, and lastly, pics of the six elemental goddesses and god have been added to the magic page.

6-30-01:  My first update in quite a while.  I've added a second gallery with Quest art, and on my Crescent page I've added the first 4 chapters of the story.

6-11-01:  BIG UPDATE!!!  I have completed the sketches of the Commandos in the Gallery, added a COLOR pic of Malkiet, my character from the Warriors Pride fanfic, and have created my Crescent page for my own original story and characters.  Please check them all out!

6-9-01:  Well, I didn't expect to be updating again so soon, but four new characters have been added to the TOG page.  It looks like Nintendo may be releasing four new pics every two weeks now.  Links have also been repared.

6-2-01:  I will be taking a short vacation to Washington D.C. so the next big update will be delayed for a little longer.  Aside from the Tactics Ogre Warren Report, I will also be adding a Ogre Battle Gaiden site with whatever information I can get on the NeoGeo Pocket game.  More art is on the way too.  One of these days, the GS section will be up too.  As a final word, I would like to thank everyone who has come to the site and.  I've really gotten a lot of positive feedback and I am glad the site is doing so well.

5-31-01:  Broken links have been fixed and History has been moved into the Hugo Report area with pictures from the original game.
Tactics Ogre information has also been started.

5-21-01:  I've added several new pieces of art including Galf from MotBQ and have begun to renovate the site. I've decided against the section for classes because Cyric's page will have more thorough information.  However, I will  still have a section for class pics.  The Tactics Ogre Gaiden page has also been added.

Andrew:  To contact me just e-mail me at  I would really appreciate feedback on the site.