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History of the Age of Zeteginia
Astrologist Warren:  There is much that happens before and during Ogre Battle 64:  Person of Lordly Caliber.  First there is the Legend of Ogre Battle, the battle between humans and ogres for the rule of this world.   Though many believe this to be only legend, it is quite true, as the quest for the ultimate power is unraveled.  In the great war the sages of the Zeteginian Empire as well as the three High Knights fought the ogres forcing them back into the Neither World where they  came from.

    Ogre Battle:  March of the Black Queen

    Andrew:  MotBQ is the first Ogre battle game which tell of the battle for Zenobia where many of the greatest heroes of the latter games emerge.  Destin Faroda is summoned by the Wizard Warren Moon and Sir Lancelot Hamolton to help them lead the revolution on the oppressive Zeteginian Empire.  After the initial test of strength Warren and Lans join Destin along with a small force to begin the great war.

Destin Faroda    Warren Moon       Lancelot Hamilton      King Usar
They soon meet Canopus Wolf, a former member of the Zenobian Kingdom who accuses them of being no different from their enemies.  Canopus' sister Yulia convinces him to join up with the rebels so he can save his best friend Gilbert who is still fighting reluctantly for the Empire.  After the battle with Gilbert, Canopus talks the beast master into joining the Rebellion and Gilbert accepts the gracious offer understanding that things will only get worse for his people if the Empire continues to rule.

Canopus Wolf       Gilbert Oblion       Yulia Wolf
    Continuing to fight the empire Destin soon meets Kapella, a former apprentice of Rashidi, one of the Sages of Zeteginia.  Destin fights long and hard against Kapella to stop him from tampering with the souls of the dead.  Soon after the fight with the evil mage the heroes find Sirius, a man who is as sinister as he is mysterious.  Sirius lures the Rebels into his hideout where his reveals himself to be a werewolf, who has been terrorizing the citizens and killing the women.  After vanquishing Sirius and Kapella the Rebellion gains much support form the people.  Investigating rumors of mysterious pumpkin heads, Destin finds Deneb, a beautiful witch of the Zeteginian Empire who has been causing the trouble with the Pumpkins.  After they battle, Destin forgives Deneb and she later joins them on their quest of Rebellion.  (People may say that it is bad to forgive her, but it makes it easier to get the best ending because of the stat change.  In other words, FORGIVE her.)

Mage Kapella            Werewolf Serius            Deneb Rhobe
    In the slums of Zenobia the heroes are forced to fight against the first of Empress Endora's four Devas, General Quass Debonair.  The Rebels soon rescue a knight named Ashe from a prison.  Ashe is Debonair's friend, however Debonair imprisoned him because Ashe was framed for the murder of the King.  Lyon a beast master offers his assistance as well, for a price that is.  The price was a bit high, but he became a valuable asset to the Rebellion.  When Ashe confronts Debonair, Ashe convinces him that Endora has changed and lets the general go to see for himself what his beloved Empire has truly become.  The truth behind the murder of the king is further explained in Island Avalon when a young priest named Aisha joins them to fight against Prince Gares, the real murderer of the king as well as Aisha's father.  Gares turns out to be a stronger opponent that he at first seemed, escaping after the battle was ended.

Knight Ashe    Beast King Lyon    Quas Debonair  Aisha Knudel   Prince Gares
    In Diaspola Destin fights Norn, the lover of Debonair.  Enraged that you "killed" her lover, she wants nothing more than to get revenge for Debonair.  After the battle Destin explains what really happened and that Debonair is alive.  Convinced that you are not so bad, she joins you.  During the fight against the mer-people, Destin receives the sword Brunhild, which belonged to the High Knight Finril.  The sword would aid them greatly in the battles to come.  In the Valley of Kastro the Rebellion rescues Paladin Rauny, the daughter of Supreme Commander hikash of the Empire from Ares, who has been spreading rumors to get her hunted down and killed.  In the Balmorian Ruins Destin gains the aid of Saradin Carm, a former apprentice of Rashidi who came to oppose his views.  Because of this Saradin was turned to stone.  Grateful of his rescue, Saradin joined Destin in his struggle.

Monk Norn    Mermaid Porkyus   Paladin Rauny        Ares        Sorceror Saradin    Mage Albeleo
    After discovering several Chaos Gates, the Rebellion found the first of the Sky Islands where the three High Knights are imprisoned.  In Muspelm they find that Slust the Red, the first of the High Knights has fallen victim to Rashidi's magic.  After a fierce fight with the dragoon, Slust comes to his senses and joins the Liberators.  In the second island, Organa, Destin finds that Lady Finril of the Ice has also fallen under Rashidi's magic.  Fighting her like he did Slust, the spell was broken.  Seeing that he had her sword the Brunhild, Finril joins Destin and company.

Slust the Red     Finril of the Ice
    In the city of Malano the Rebellion gains the great help of Prince Tristan, the rightful heir to the throne of the empire.   Helping them rid the city of the evil Baron Apros, angry that his plans to merry Rauny have been stopped, Tristan chooses to fight along side Destin to save his country.  Angel Yushis was found in Antalia, where she informed Destin of her sister Mizal, who was deceived by Rashidi.  She joined them so that she could save her sister's soul.  However, Mizal wished to die for being used by Rashidi, but could not kill herself.  Asking the Rebellion to take her life, it was done reluctantly.  Following another Chaos Gate, Destin and Co. found themselves in what could be Hell itself.  Galf the devil ruled over the land, and after his defeat pleaded for the Brunhild.  Destin however, did not fall for Galf's trick and he remained imprisoned where the High Knights had put him.

Tristan Zenobia    Baron Apros    Angel Yushis    Mage Omicron    Angel Mizal    Galf the Devil
    In Shangri-La Destin learned of the whereabouts of General Debonair, who had been imprisoned as a traitor of the Zeteginian Empire.  Destin and Norn rescued him from Gares, who as returned once again.  However, Gares escapes with his life for a second time.  Debonair confronts his friend and fellow Deva Figaro on the Kalbian Peninsula.  After Figaro's death, Debonair obtains the sword Durandal.  After liberating Fort Allamoot from the Gemini Castor and Polydeuces the Rebellion finds the last of the Sky Islands and the third High Knight to boot.  Fogel the cursed was under the same spell as the other knights were, but joined after his defeat.  In the Ryhan Sea the Rebellion fights the High Monk Randels, who was appointed to guard the area by General Luvalon.  In Fort Shulaman and Kulyn Shrine the Rebellion fights the last two Devas, General Previa and Luvalon.  After showing Luvalon how valiant Destin really was, he is given the Holy Grail by the soul of Knight Percival.

Gares       Figaro    Castor and Polydueces    Prochon     Rendals     Previa     Luvalon

Dragon Knight Fogel    Knigh Parcival
    Nearing the end of the quest the Rebellion confronts General Hikash, Rauny's father.  Though he knew the Empire was wrong, his honor would not let him give up fighting and sadly, he died giving his final farewell to his daughter.  The assault on the Zeteginia Capital was the final battle for Empress Endora.  They find that Endora did not start the war at first.  She was the one trying to prevent it.  She learned of the Holy Lodis Empire and tried to get the other kings to fight alongside her.  They did not believe her and attacked the capital.  That was when Rashidi came in.  Giving the empress power to defend the Highlands, the Evil Empire was born.  After her death, the final battle began for Destin and the heroes of the Rebellion.  Obtaining the twelve Zodiac Stones and the three mystic treasures, the Rebellion began the assault on Rashidi, the root of all evil.  Rashidi did not wish to rule the empire, but wanted the power beyond that of gods.  He wished to obtain the Ultimate Power.  Gares, who had been cloning himself the entire time by using Rashidi's powers, showed up for a final fight in true form but fell against Destin, Prince Tristan, Yushis, and Saradin.  Afterwards, the puppet master showed himself and the great battle for the land of Zenobia began.  However, before he died, Rashidi was able to complete the revival of the god of Darkness Diablo.  Strangely enough, Rashidi seemed almost glad to die there, saying that this was his destiny.  The god of distraction, Diablo was not strong enough to defeat Destin and his friends and soon the battle for Zenobia was over.

General Hikash    Paladin Gawain    Empres Endora    Prince Gares    Sage Rashidi
    Tristan becomes king and Rauny queen, ruling Zenobia justly, being loved by the people.
    Lancelot and Warren talk of how they still wish the country had been ruled by Destin.  Then it tells of how Lancelot "died" in Valeria and how Warren went missing in action.
    Canopus and Gilbert talk of what they will do now, Gilbert saying that he cannot stay in Zenobia for now, having turned his back on them once.  Canopus tries to talk him out of leaving speaking of Yulia who loves him.  Gilbert does stay for at least a little while longer.  And three years later Canopus goes to Valeria with Lancelot, Warren, and the White Knights Guildus and Mildain.
    Destin then talks with Rauny and Tristan about how he was sorry for missing the wedding ceremony.  Then the future of Zenobia is foreshadowed as it says that Rauny's happiness is not to last long.
    Yushis becomes the new head angel and a god at that, and the three High Knights return the the Sky Islands, with Slust hitting on Finril.
    Destin talks with Debonair about how he is going to march to Lodis himself to try and stop them from invading.  Debonair insists on going, as do Saradin, Aisha, and Gilbert.  The rest is told and continued in Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle 64.

Other Characters

Badista        Toad        Banya        Babaloa        Mango        Tarut        Posha

Boltorano    Fellana    Borgnine
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