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Andrew:  Welcome to my Ogre Battle 64 gallery!  Here I will display my own character sketches that I've done of the game's characters.  The drawings are all in pencil, but do show up well.  Some people have been wondering about the blue in the pics.  Before I start to draw the detailed sketches, I do a very rough outline with a Sanford blue pencil.  It is too much trouble to go through to erase it so I've just left it there.  Just click on the character's name see the pic.  This page will probably be updated very often as I get new pics completed.  Enjoy!

Magnus Gallant
Diomedes Rangue
Leia Silvis
Troi Tyton
Katreda Birall
Ansibel Birall
Liedel Klein
Aisha Knudel
Vad Orok Zlenka
Saradin Carm
Sheen Cocteau
Ankiseth Gallant
Meridia O'Keife
Biske La Varet
Biske the Beast
Europea Rheda
Paul Lukische
Quass Debonair
Destin Faroda
Gilbert Oblion
Carth Forleizen
Deneb Rhobe
Hugo Miller
Fredrick Raskin
Odiron Balum

Godeslas Branic
Eurynome Rhade
Baldwin Glendale
Pruflas Watts
Jeal Veritte
Kerikov Barthes
Grozz Nuy (Coming Soon)
Xevec Nulaton
Prucus Dulmare
Amrius Dulmare
Vapula Simburg
Amazeroth Ludon
Numitol Silvis
Knights of Danika (Coming Soon)
Yumil Dulmare
Forhm the Idealist
Tamuz Delville
Richard Glendale
Queen Danika (Coming Soon)
Mari Callan (Coming Soon)
Zeda Libeiro (Coming Soon)
Galf the Devil

Andrew:  Click HERE to go to my Crescent page, with artwork from my own story.  Please enjoy!
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