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Carth:  "Tactics Ogre Gaiden:  The Knight of Lodis" is the fifth game in the Ogre Battle Saga.  Along with "Prince of Zenobia", this game is a side story or Gaiden title.  Their is still little known about the plot of this game, but it will take place on the outskirts of the Holy Lodis Empire, the main antagonist of the series as well as serve as a connector to PoLC and LUCT.  The rumor is that the main struggle will be to free the small country from Lodis' grasp.  The game itself looks brighter than Tactics Ogre color-wize and the graphics are truly impressive coming from a portable system.  The class system shall be a little different than in other games.  Now for a character to change class, he/she must meet certain battle requirements like dodging a certain number of times as well.

Other News
Carth:  Unlike PoZ for the Neo Geo Pocket, TKoL will be released in the United States for the Gameboy Advance, most likely in the third wave of games for the system.  The game will be released in Japan around early/mid June so I expect it to be in the U.S. by Christmas time.

Concept Art
Andrew:  Ten pieces of concept character art now.  With the game now out in Japan, hopefully more art will be released.

Alphones Locher,                     Eleanor Oljato                     Rector Lasnanti

Sibylles Alinda,             Nichar Briffaut,             Auxonne Lamies

Inanna Batraal,                         Naris Batraal

Shivven Verde                                    Glicina

In KoL a new aspect of the class change system is introduced.  Now it looks as though all classes will have stricter requirements than Zapan can become a terror knight since he's C and has killed more than 30 enemies.  Now besides certain stats being met, characters will equipt certain badges as well as special side requirements.  For example, to change into a ninja, a character must have on a badge and have dodged a certain number of enemy attacks.  Once these requirements have been met the ninja will always be an option for that character in class change.

Five different badges

Carth:  All information and images were found on the Japanese Nintendo homepage after much troublesome navigating.  Expect much more in the future.  Click HERE to return to Ogre Battle World.