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Destin:  "Ogre Battle Gaiden:  The Prince of Zenobia" is the fourth game in the Ogre Battle Saga.  Unlike the games before it, TPoZ takes place durring MotBQ before Prince Tristan Zenobia joined up with the Rebellion.  Before the prince joined the rebels he had been plotting against the Zentaginian Empire to avenge the death of his father, King Gran Zenobia.  Plotting with a small voluntier army, the prince got into a visious war with the Dark Army, a group of radical warriors.

What's the Deal?
Destin:  Sadly, what is above is all the information that could be found, and what I did manage to find was hard enough to come by.  First off, the game is for the Neo Geo Pocket.  Though the handheld system has picked up a little bit in the U.S., a cult hit like the Ogre Battle Saga will not likely be givin a release here in the states.  An emulator is out of the question, because it would just be to hard to make sence out of a game with so much dialouge in Japanese.  Even if it could be understood, finding an emulator of the game is a challenge in itself.  Second, there is a lack of japanese sites dedicated to the game, and thus any resorces our there are equally hard to come across.  However, I shall do my best to inform everyone of the story and characters in the game.

Andrew:  Well, here are a few of the in-game portraits of the game's characters.  If anyone finds any others please let me know.  Anything on the story of the games would be greatly appreciated.  The characters' names are not confermed, only what the Japanese site said they were.

Aquaruis(2 versions), Bakin, Balder, Banya, Baron

Bergo, Cain (2 versions), Darham, Echo, Estrada

Garan, Goldy, Grant, Gregol, Gross, Hayato

Jienga, Kazuma, Kirosu (Tigerman), Linda, Marenoa

Nana, Orozov, Tristan (young and adult), Yorkkraif

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