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                                                                   Andrew Riggin's

For Starters: My name is Andrew Riggin (Artist657), an amateur artist living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Over the past year or so to pass the time I began to draw in my spare time.  Constantly perfecting my style and my skill I developed quite a collection of characters.  That's where this comes in.  Like most artists who come up with their own characters, they develop a story  to go along with their characters.  From the few characters I had sketched when I first started coming up with a story, the cast soon doubled and then tripled as more and more ideas went in and out of my head.  Only now has my skill in the figure and in writing been good enough to share my visions.

About Crescent: Crescent was the end product after my ideas were sorted.  The story itself is an action drama set in a medieval fantasy world on the brink of war.  Focussing around a group of young soldiers working for a nobleman, the story soon goes into the heart of war.  As Sho Yatashura, the young leader of the soldiers fights to unravel a mystery involving a retched figure in his past he also finds where his heart is as well.  I am slowly compleating chapter after chapter of my work which can be read here, as well as my collection of character artwork from the story.

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