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Hugo Report
Hugo the Tactician:  The characters here will be noted on as they either join your group or when they first show up in the story.  Andrew will give a short bio on the person, how to get them if possible, and their class if they have one.

Playable Characters
Bosses and Enemies
Non Playable Characters
Endings & Sub Endings

Playable Characters

Magnus Gallant- The son of a former member of the Central Division.  He starts off in the Southern Division fighting against the Revolution, but soon betrays the Division and joins the Revolution.  He is the character you play as and is the one that makes most of the decisions that effect the story plot.
Class:  Gladiator, Vanguard, General
Diomedes Rangue- Born in the southern region, Dio as he likes to be called is a short-tempered man with hopes of becoming a knight.  When he joins up in the Southern Division under Magnus, he is arrogant and unfriendly towards Magnus, but that gradually changes as the two become friends.
-Dio will join at the start of Scene 1.
NOTE:  Keeping Dio in your group requires that you answer two questions correctly.  You must not fight him and you must say that you cannot kill Fredrick when given the option.  If Dio does leave when you join the Revolution, he will turn up later as an enemy.
Class:  Gladiator, Warrior, Dragoon (if he left the group)
Leia Silvis- The daughter of Count Numitol Silvis of the Central Region, the feisty Leia joined the Southern Division under Magnus wanting to get away from her father.  She joins the Revolution with Dio and Magnus.  Thought she is a rival of Magnus' they soon develop a good friendship.
-Leia will join at the start of Scene 3
Class:  Blaze Knight, Rune Knight
Troi Tyton- Troi is a young, friendly phalanx from the south who joins up with Magnus' division, the Blue Knights.  Having a strong sprit that is always capable of cheering up those around him, Troi fight along site the Blue Knights till the very end.
-Troi will join when you liberate Elgorea, Mylesia, Scene 4.
Class:  Phalanx
Katreda Birall- Katreda is a young cleric who first met Magnus when the Blue Knights went to rescue Asnibel.  Once she joined Magnus, she turned out to be Asnabel's daughter.
-Joins when you enter Cayes, Gunther Piedmont, Scene 7.
Class:  Cleric
Asnabel Birall- Asnabel the Iron Hammer was a former member of the Central division along with Hugo and Ankiseth, he left however, supporting the Rebellion in the South.  Though he was taken prisoner by the Southern Division, he was rescued by the Blue Knights on their first mission for the Revolutionary Army.
-Joins at the end of Scene 7 if Katreda joined.
Class:  Berzerker
Liedel Klein- Liedel is the sole survivor of the Central Division when they used the fruit of the Neither World.  Not knowing that it was her own commander that unleashed it's power, she blamed Magnus for the disaster.  Once Magnus defeated her, she believed that he was innocent and joined him in his quest to free the Bolmaukians.
-Joins at the end of the Sable Lowlands mission if you have a high Chaos Frame.
Class:  Archer
Aisha Knudel- The young priest Aisha is the head of the Roshfalian Order of Zenobian.  She came with Destin and the others to aid Fredrick with liberating the oppressed people of Palatinus.
-Joins when Magnus liberates Puld, Audvera if you chose "..." at Fredrick's execution.
-Class:  Priest
Vad Orok Zlenka- Vad is the leader of the Nirdamese slaves under the control of Lodis.  Though it is against his will to fight the Revolutionary Army, he must for his enslaved King.  However, Once Rhade is dead Vad is more than happy to fight along with the Blue Knights.
-Joins at the end of the Mt. Ithaca Mission if you avoid his enemy unit.  Just do not liberate the nearby stronghold east of your base.  You can go under the Mountains to liberate the other strongholds.
-Joins at the end of the Mt. Ithaca mission if you avoided his unit.
Class:  Grappler
Saradin Carm- The wise Saradin is one of Destin's most trusted advisors.  Wishing for the independence of the Palatinian people, Saradin came with the other Zenobians to aid the Revolutionary Army.  Saradin also supplies Magnus with most of the information regarding the Chaos Gates.
-Joins at the end of Scene 15 if you got Aisha and refused to assassinate Fredrick.
Class:  Warlock
Sheen Cocteau- Sheen is a free-spirited, peace-loving exile from Lodis.  With the promise of peace in the land after the war is over, as well as plenty of girls, Sheen is glad to join up with Magnus.
-Joins when you enter Coppermine Azure Plains, Scene 17, if the unit leader is female and you either have a low-neutral Chaos Frame or you spoke to a little girl about him in another city (forget which one).  You can also get him by liberating the town with Dio.  It is still unconfirmed about getting him, but I've never had a problem with it.
Class:  Hawkman
Ankiseth Gallant- Ankiseth the Steadfast is a member of the Central Division as well as Magnus' father and Yumil's body guard.  Ankiseth is the one who thwarted the king's plot to kill Yumil, he was branded as a murderer for killing the nobleman who tried to assassinate the prince.  His acceptance of the branding caused trouble between him and his son.  Three things can happen to Ankiseth in the game.  1st, you can choose not to make peace with him and Yumil and Baldwin will kill him.  2nd, you can make peace with him, but decide not to let him join the Blue Knights.  He will later be killed by Yumil shortly before the Prince himself dies.  3rd, you can ask him to join and he will fight along side you.
-Joins after the end of Scene 18/19 during the Chp. 3 beginning, if you decided to make peace with the Western Division, keep him alive during the battle and have a neutral to high Chaos Frame.
Class:  Solidblade
Meridia O'Keife- Maridia is an old friend of Leia's and comes to the Blue Knights too tell Magnus about the support of Lord Silvis.  She is very perky, and always in a cheery mood.
-Joins at the beginning of Fair Heights, Scene 21 if you have Leia on your team.
Class:  Siren
Biske La Varet- Biske the Beast is truly a tortured soul.
 Biske was the leader of a rebel group and was imprisoned after Central Division troops led by Ankiseth defeated him.  He was let out of prison and forced to fight the Blue Knights to retain his freedom.  Although a little rough, Biske's intent was no different than that of the Revolutionary Army and the people of Capitrium love him.
-Joins after he is defeated in Scene 24, Capitrium if you didn't make peace with Ankiseth and Aisha and Saradin didn't offer to join.
Class:  Lycanthrope/ Werewolf
Europea Rheda- Europea is the exiled leader of the Berthen Sentinel who was framed for using the fruit of the Neither World.  She meets Magnus while trying to escape from your enemies and afterwards, she pledges to fight for the truth along side Magnus.  If you choose to get Paul in Tremos Mts. Magnus will decline her offer to join once Odiron returns.
-Joins at the of Scene 22, Vert Platea if you take Magnus to Fort Hillverich and if she survives the the battle.
Class:  Centurion
Paul Lukische- Paul the Devil Child believes himself to be the reason that the Neither Worlders came into this world.  He was hanging out with his friend Theokia when a gorgon appeared, turning Theokia to stone.  Blaming himself for this tragedy, Paul is cold when he first meets Magnus but soon joins knowing that he can help bring victory to the Blue Knights.
-Joins in Tremos Mts. I, Scene 23 if you learned about him in Condrio and then met him in Coongul and ask him if he really wants them to go away.  Once you beat the scene he shall join once you decline Kegeiye's offer.
Class:  Enchanter
Quass Debonair- Debonair of the Wind, one of the Four Devas of the Zeteginian Empire, has gone with Destin to aid the revolution.  Although he starts out as a strong enemy of Magnus, they soon find themselves fighting for the same cause.
-Joins when Magnus enters Ibu Deli, Tremos Mountains 2 during Scene 26 if you have Aisha, Saradin and a high Chaos Frame.
Class:  General
Destin Faroda- Making his second appearance in the OB games, Destin the Valiant, who defeated the Zeteginian Empire, came to Palatinus to aid the Revolutionary Army.  Destin fights for his own ideals and leaves the Revolutionary Army.
-Joins when Magnus enters Kurashino, Gules Hills, Scene 29 if you have gotten Aisha, Saradin, and Debonair.
Class:  Lord
Gilbert Oblion- Gilbert is the honorable co-leader of the Zenobian Beast Division.  He came with Destin to help the Revolutionary Army.  Having already sacrificed his own ideals once, he fights for them once again against the Holy Lodis Empire.
-Joins with Destin in Scene 29 if you have Aisha, Saradin, Debonair, and a high Chaos Frame.
Class:  Beast Master
Carth Forleizen- Carth the Disillusioned was one of the Templar Knights who fought against the Blue Knights at the Temple of Berthe, but after seeing the Neither Worlders come out of the Chaos Gate, be began to loose faith in his country.  He was later hunted down by his enemies and rescued by Magnus.  Going off on his own once again to kill Amazeroth, he finds for himself that Lodis has truly forsaken it's teachings and allied itself with the Neither World.  Afterwords he thanks Magnus for his help and continues to fight his homeland.
-Joins in Scene 32.  Take Magnus to Furge and a kid will tell you that Carth is fighting all alone in the forest.  Take Magnus to Torab Ni and Carth will go off on his own towards the boss.  If he survives, he will join if you have a low-neutral Chaos Frame and no Zenobians.
Class:  Black Knight
Deneb- Deneb is back once again, this time to help guide you through the tutorial.
-To get Deneb on your team, you'll have to do a little hacking with the Gameshark.  I'll cover this in the GS section of the site.
Class:  Witch

Godeslas Branic-  Godeslas is the commander of the Southern Division.  He first uses Magnus' success in the division to gain power, but once Magnus betrays the division, Godeslas uses the fruit of the Neither World to gain inhuman power.  However, not even this is enough to save him in the long run.
Class:  Vanity
Eurynome Rhade- Rhade is an vile knight of the Kingdom of Palatinus who believes that the rebels should be killed, no questions asked.  Becoming a bitter enemy of Magnus for thwarting the death of Fredrick, Rhade stoops very low to get the best of the heroes by involving the Balmokian slaves.
Class:  Superior Knight
Baldwin Glendale- Baldwin is the most significant enemy you'll face in the game, from nearly the very beginning to the very end.  Baldwin is one of the Temple Commandos of the Caliginous Order of the Holy Lodis Empire.  It is he who first gave Godeslas the fruit of the Neither World and he who is most dedicated to obtaining the Ultimate Power.
Class- Temple Commander
Pruflas Watts- Pruflas is a young Temple Commando of the Caliginous Order.  Loyal to the Pope and Sir Richard, Pruflas gave Yumil the fruit of the Neither World to help push him over the edge.  He was later killed defending the Chaos gate at the temple of Berthe by the Blue Knights.
Class:  Temple Commander
Jeal Veritte- Jeal worked with Rhade as an escort to Prince Yumil.  He is a violent person who believes that the rebels should all be killed.  He is however killed when the Blue Knights try and make contact with the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Class:  Black Knight
Kerikov Barthes- Kerikov is the leader of the Eastern Division and was the main opposition that the Blue Knights faced when they tried to contact the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Plotting against the Arch Bishop Odiron, he framed him and his Sentinels of working with the denizens of the Neither world and then took over Odiron's position as head of the church.  After loosing to the Blue Knights he escapes with his life when Odiron retakes his position.  In the low Chaos frame ending, Rashidi kills him.
Class:  Vanity.
Grozz Nuy-  Grozz Nuy is the Divine Dragon.  A hidden boss, you can only fight the Divine Dragon once you have gotten the Dragon Armor, Dragon Helm and the Dragon Scale.  This is the only fight that must be done one-on-one.
Xevic Nulaton- Xevic is the leader of the Southern Tigers, a radical fraction of the Revolutionary Army that is against Fredrick's beliefs that the Nobility should be spared.  He later betrays the revolutionaries and ambushes the Zenobians, where he is killed by Magnus.
NOTE:  If Dio left, you will fight him instead of Xevic.
Class:  Superior Knight
Procus Dulmare- Procus is the king of Palatinus and the father to Prince Yumil.  Later called Procus the Mad, the king has even made such follies as ordering the assassination of poor Yumil and later arresting him for treason.  Later overcome by the Infernal Aura, Procus Dies serving the Neither World.
NOTE:  You will only fight Procus if you have a low Chaos Frame.  Otherwise he is killed by Yumil and you fight Prince Amrius (confirmation?).
Class:  Flail Monarch
Amrius Dulmare- Amrius is the first prince of Palatinus and the next in the line of the throne.  Amrius is ashamed of his father for being so spineless around Lodis and gives in to the Infernal Aura to rid his kingdom of the Caliginous Order.  He is later killed by the Revolutionary Army.
Class:  Dark Prince
Vapula Simburg- Vapula is one of the Temple Commandos of the Caliginous Order of Lodis.  He is a former nomad and a worthy opponent.  Overcome by the infernal order, he betrays Lodis and fights for the Neither World.
Class:  Temple Commander
Amazeroth Ludon- Like Vapula, Amazeroth is a temple Commando of Lodis who has fallen to the Infernal Aura.  There really isn't much else to say about him.  He, as well as Vapula, was poorly developed in the game.  They really don't live up to being the Barbas and Mrthym of the game.
Numitol Silvis- Lord Silvis is the lord of Remus Keep.  Although a member of the Central Region, he supports the Revolutionary Army and his daughter Leia.  In the Lawful game he commits suicide to avoid being overcome by the Infernal Aura, and you must battle Reucharle, a lich.  In the Chaos Game you will however fight Leia's father.
Class:  Vanity
Knights of Danika- The four Danika Knights protect Yumil after he comes back from the Neither World with his arcane powers.  Born of the limbs of Queen Danika, the knights exist to protect their sleeping queen.
Class:  Gate Keeper
Yumil Dulmare- Yumil is the second prince to the throne of Palatinus and Magnus' best friend.  The young prince loves peace and wishes to end all fighting.  Yumil is despised by the king for many reasons and feels weak himself, thus seeing the current state of the South, Yumil wants the power to set things right in his kingdom.  Little does he know that only he is the one entitled to it.  It is revealed that Yumil is the vassal of the Dimigodess Danika.  When he uses the Chaos Gate to descend into the Neither World to gain the full power of the Infernal Aura, he comes back a very different person.  As his ideals were twisted by the power of the darkness, he took over Procus' kingdom as King Yumil the Chosen, his goal became to use his dark powers to unite the entire world under him.  He is only able to return to his former kind self after Magnus has talked some sense into him.  However, before King Yumil can fight with along with his best friend for peace, tragedy strikes...
Class:  Overlord
Frohm- Frohm the Idealist is a strange case.  Although a denizen of the Neither World, Frohm began to find friendship and compassion in the humans he met in Tybell.  I thought it made no sense that you had to kill the one denizen who actually wanted to live with the humans, not to just take the land for his own.
Class:  Daemon
Tamuz Delville- Tamuz is Richard Glendale's right-hand man and is the sole reason that the Caliginous Order has survived.  Although an honorable man, Tamuz still believes in the evil methods of Lodis.  He dies fighting against the Blue Knights while helping Baldwin and Richard escape.
Class:  Temple Commander
Richard Glendale- Richard the Dragonheart is the leader of the Caliginous Order of the Holy Lodis Empire.  He fights to gain the Ultimate Power so he can bring glory to his father's order.  However, after being defeated by Magnus, he is killed by an enraged Baldwin, tired of Richard always bossing him around.
Class:  Death Templar
Danika- Danika, the queen of the Neither World and at the same time, the god of fertility is the true form of Prince Yumil.  Once Mari has revived her, wanting to see Yumil again, she kills Baldwin who wishes to get the Ultimate Power from her and then kill her.  She then goes haywire and succumbs to the Infernal Aura.  She must then be defeated by Magnus.
Class:  Queen, Tendril x2

Non Playable Characters
Hugo Miller- A former Central Division member, Hugo is Magnus' tactician and advisor when he joins the Southern Division.  When Magnus joins the Revolution, Hugo is right behind him, advising him right up to the end of the game.

Fredrick Raskin- Fredrick is the leader of the Revolutionary Army.  Being the one who got the Southern Region militantly organized, Fredrick is loved by his followers and would gladly give his life for freedom, however, he is against killing the nobility.  He's spared by Magnus at his execution when the Blue Knights betray the Southern Division.  Once he lets the Blue Knights join the Revolutionary Army, he makes Magnus his general.

Odiron Balum- Arch Bishop Odiron is the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  As head of the church, nearly everyone in the Eastern Region looks to Odiron as a beacon of hope, much as they do with Berthe.  While he cannot officially aid the Blue Knights and the Revolution the church does support their cause and continues to oppose Lodis and the Central Division.

Mari Callan- Mari is an enigma that was introduced to Yumil by Baldwin.  Though she only wants to help Yumil, whom she loves, Mari has incredible dark powers that were unleashed by Zeda.  Once Magnus has gotten Yumil back to his peace-loving self, she kills her love as her dark powers not wanting Magnus to take him from her.  Afterwards she becomes a pawn of Lodis and the Neither World.  She is killed by Baldwin once Danika is revived.  If you have a low Chaos Frame you will see a hidden ending that shows that the source of Mari's power is from the dark sage himself, Rashidi...

Zeda Libeiro- Zeda is a vile denizen of the Neither World who is intent on the revival of her Queen Danika.  It is she who unleashed Mari's power and exploited it for her own gain.  She also works with Baldwin to revive the queen although her true intentions are very different from Baldwin's.  She is killed by Mari late in the game and reveals herself to be an Gorgon.

The Endings
Lawful Ending:  After Danika has been killed Fredrick is chosen as the new king of Palatinus.  Known as King Fredrick the Benevolent, Fredrick is loved by the people for he never sat on the throne.  Soon the Eastern Barbarian Tribes attack Palatinus as everyone prepares for battle.  In the great battle that shook the entire nation Fredrick is killed.  Magnus however takes over his place as king and becomes known as the Paladian King for practicing the republican policies of Fredrick and his legacy is carried on by his son, Aeneas.
Neutral Ending:  This ending with a neutral CF is the same as above, accept Magnus becomes known as a great hero of the war, but does not become king.
Chaotic Ending:  In this ending after the war is over Magnus is kicked out of the capital by Fredrick's guards for saying that he and is evil ways are a threat to the king as well as the kingdom.  There is also a hidden battle that is possible where you fight the Zenobians if they did not offer to join.  When the Barbarians attack, Palatinus is left in ruin, for having exiled their hero.
Sub Endings
Thoughts of Magnus:  Magnus thinks to himself about Yumil as Destin comes to say good-bye to him.  Magnus asks Destin about fate and if what Yumil got out of all of this.  Destin reassures Magnus and tells him that Yumil did not succumb to his fate, but accepted it and lived for all he was worth.
Hurry up, Troi:  Troi and Katreda say good-bye to each other reluctantly as Asnabel hurries Trio along to fight the Barbarians.
I'm sorry for calling you all back to battle like this:  Hugo apologizes to Meridia, Biske, and Liedel for calling them back to fight so soon.  Meridia finds that Biske and Liedel are a couple and begins to get annoyed at their flirting.
He is coming:  Destin talks with Vad about protecting the southern border of Palatinus while Zenobia secures the north.  Europea then comes and tells them that he and his comrades are coming.  Who "he" is i'm not quite sure, but it could be Lans Tartare, on his way back to Lodis from Valeria.
What should I do now?:  Sheen talks to himself about what he should do now that Palatinus is liberated.  Carth and Paul come to him telling him that nothing will ever change as long as people like those in Lodis exist.

Hugo:  That is all that is cover in my report at this moment.  Click HERE to go back to the main page.