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Meridia:  Hi there!  Welcome to the magic page.  Here you can find anything you want to know about the spells certain classes can cast.  First off, when you start the game the magic that your mages can cast will be determined by their element.  If a Sorceress is the water element she will cast Ice Blast as long as she remains equipped with the Spell Book.  Later on when you find more powerful books such as the Book of Wind or Flame you can change what spells the mages can cast.  If you equipped that same Sorceress with the Book of Wind she will cast Lightning.  If you equip the Book of Water on her she will simply cast a more powerful Ice Blast.  If two magic using fighters are in the same unit for a long enough time they will begin to cast combination magic that effects more enemies for more damage.  For example if you have a Wizard with a Book of Flame and a Sorceress with the Book of Bane they will both cast Dark Blaze for their turn.

There are some classes that will cast magic based on what weapons are equipped.  A Paladin will cast Thunder if he has the Notos Sword and a Freya will cast an earth attack if she has the Earth Spear equipped.  Combination magic will still work with these characters as well.  It can make for some interesting results in-battle.  The following is a list of the spells.

Elemental Magic:  Elemental Magic is the lowest level of magic a class can cast, only hitting one enemy.  Though useful early in the game, these spells soon become useless as the enemies get tougher.  How much damage is done depends mainly on what book is equipped, what element the character is and the character's stats.
Acid Vapor
Ice Blast
World of Pain

Combination Elemental Magic:  As stated above, combo magic is much more potent for the enemy units.  These spell affect a three panel range of enemies.
Plasma Ball= Wind+Flame
Lava Shot= Flame+Earth
Clay Assault= Earth+Water
Ionospere= Water+Wind
Infest= Bane+Wind
Dark Blaze= Bane+Flame

Elemental Magic+:  These spells are like the Combo Element magic except they only require one character to cast.  If two characters cast it however, the spell will hit all enemies.
Thunder Flare
Fire Storm
Crag Press
Ice Field
Dark Quest

Combination Elemental Magic+:  Working the same way as the regular combination magic, these spells affect a cluster of enemies.  However, if two high level spells combine all enemies will be hit.
Plasma Storm= Wind+Flame
Lava Flow= Flame+Earth
Blue Spiral= Earth+Water
Atmosphere= Water+Wind
Inferno= Wind+Bane
Dark Flame= Flame+Bane

Effect Magic:  Effect Magic is used by Witches to cause status abnormalities to the enemies.  These attacks target only one unit and their effects are only short term.
Shock Bolt-Paralysis
Ray of Paralysis-Paralysis
Poison Cloud-Poison
Slumber Mist-Sleep

Combination Effect Magic:  Combo effect magic works the same way any combo spells do.  It will cause the same effect, only it will it more enemies.
Bind Flare= Wind+Flame- Paralysis
Poison Plant= Flame+Earth- Paralysis
Deep Sleep= Earth+Water- Sleep
Poison Lime= Water+Wind- Poison
Black Breeze= Bane+Wind- Poison
Doom= Bane+Flame- Sleep

Drakonite Books:  One word:  OVERKILL!  These all too powerful books of the Dragon Magic cast ultra powerful spells that effect all enemies for high damage.
Meteor Strike
White Mute

Meridia:  Well, that about covers it for magic.  Click HERE to got back to the main page.