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The Hidden World of the Fae
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Changeling : The Dreaming
The Seelie Court
The Unseelie Court

C:tD Character Creation
Getting Started
1. Character Concept
2. Traits
3. Advantages
4. Tempers
5. Birthright and Frailties
6. Freebie Points
7. Merits and Flaws
8. Specialties
9. Musing / Ravaging Threshold
10. Spark of Life

Vampire: The Dark Ages
Drinking Faerie Blood

Role Playing Systems

World of Darkness
Step Six : Freebie Points

        Now the real fun begins! You have 15 freebie points that you can spend to raise any Trait on your character sheet, with the exception of Banality. Freebie points, however, do not have the same value as the points you were spending earlier. As the char shows, different types of traits cost more.

        You may boost your Attribute ratings, raise Abilities over three dots, or pick up new Traits with the expenditure of freebie points. You may not, however, increase any Trait to more than five dots or add to the Banality Trait. Tempers cannot be raised above 10.

Arts 5 points per dot
Attribute 5 points per dot
Glamour 3 points per dot
Realms 3 points per dot
Willpower 2 points per dot
Abilities 2 points per dot
Backgrounds 1 points per dot

The above information was taken from the Changeling : The Dreaming Second Edition book. All of this information here has been copyrighted to White Wolf Publishing.