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The Hidden World of the Fae
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Changeling : The Dreaming
The Seelie Court
The Unseelie Court

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Vampire: The Dark Ages
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World of Darkness
The Unseelie Court

       Where the Seelie dedicate themselves to preserving the traditions of the fae, the Unseelie style themselves as mockers of those traditions. They stand for the principles of constant change and impulsive actions. They have a reputation for fostering war and madness, despising those weaker than themselves, and valuing freedom and wildness over any chivalric code. The Unseelie se themselves as radical visionaries, bringing about vital chance and transformation through whatever means necessary, including violence.

       Most members of the Unseelie Court believe that the Dreaming has abandoned them, and therefore, that they owe no special loyalty to it or to their lost home of Arcadia. Unseelie fae use Glamour for their own ends, to gain strength and personal power and to further their political ambitions. The Unseeelie feel that they should be the masters, rather than the servants, of the Dreaming. Furthermore, most Unseelie hold the conviction that the fae should rule humanity, since that feeble race of short-lived mortals exist only to provide the Glamour necessary for Farie existence. Thus, many Unseelie changelings lord it over the mortals they come in contact with, often surrounding themselves with groups of enchanted and enslaved humans in order to feed shamelessly on their dreams.

       Some Unseelie, like their Seelie kin, wish to return to the Dreaming, but only to increase their own power and to bring the Dreaming, under their rule. Unseelie changelings consider Banality a powerful opponent, but do not fear it in the same way that the Seelie do. Rather, they would like to conquer and harness Banality, making it, like the Dreaming, serve their purpose. A few truly radical Unseelie changelings believe than Banality represents the wave of the future, the true synthesis of reality as opposed to the illusory flimsiness of the Dreaming. These ultraradicals think that their strength of will can overcome Banality, and use it as a potent weapon against their Seelie rivals.

The Unseelie Code

Change is good.

Security does not exist. The slightest of circumstances can transform a king into a peasant. Nothing is certain in a world where change is the only constant. Embrace change or fall before its onslaught. Chaos and discord rule the universe. Adapt or die.

Glamour is free.

Glamour is worthless unless used. Hoarding Glamour makes no sense, since it is an eternally replenishable source. So as long as humans exist there will always be dreamers hence, there will always be more Glamour. Acquire it by any means possible, and you will never be without a constant supply.

Honor is a lie.

Honor has no place in the modern world. It is a fairy tale constructed to cover the essentials emptiness behind most traditions. Only through enlightened self-interest can any truth be attained.

Passion before duty.

Passion is the truest state of the fae spirit. Follow your instinct and act on your impulses. Live life to the fullest without regard to the consequences they will come about regardless of what you do. Youth passes quickly, so have fun while you can. Death can come at any time, so live without regret.

       The Unseelie forswear the past, looking instead to the uncertain future. They consider stagnation, worn-out traditions, repression, censorship and limitation to be crimes against the free exchange of ideas. They take on the roles of champions of freedom, harbingers of change, advocates of free thought and breaker of rules. Many show outward contempt for courtly ways, going to great lengths to mock the chivalric behavior of the Seelie. Other members of the Unseelie Court follow many of the traditional ways, but do so only because they are free to make that choice, not because custom dictates their behavior.

The above information was taken from the Changeling : The Dreaming Second Edition book. All of this information here has been copyrighted to White Wolf Publishing.