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The Hidden World of the Fae
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Dungeons and Dragons
Official A D&D
D&D 3rd Ed
Middle-Earth Role Playing
World of Darkness

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Basic information on some of the Fairies, Elves, and other creatures from Dungeons and Dragons , Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons , Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and soon to be Dungeons and Dragon's 3rd Edition.

FairyMeat - Information from the miniature war game of cannibal fairies, their weapons and “pets”. With information on the point system for character creation.

Middle-Earth Role Playing - (MERP) Basic information on Elves, Half Elves, and Elven Descendants in history, physical characteristics, culture, and other factors. Along with guidelines for creating a character with this system.

Warhammer - Basic information on Dark Elves, Wood Elves, and soon to be High Elves. Plus, Animals and other Fae creatures. Guidelines for creating a character within one of these different "armies"..

World of Darkness - Basic information on the Changeling Courts, and the Fae Blood. Still in the works.

All of the names of the “Role-Playing Systems” have been copyrighted to the perspective Owners. The information on these pages has also been copyrighted to the Companies. The names of who and what, and where should be on the bottom of each page. There is a chance of human error on these pages, so if noticed feel free to send in the proper information and changes. Not all of the information is listed here from each of the “Systems” it is advised that if you want more information, you go out and buy the books at your locale Hobby, Book, or Retail Store. This is a non-profit Page.