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The Hidden World of the Fae
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Changeling : The Dreaming
The Seelie Court
The Unseelie Court

C:tD Character Creation
Getting Started
1. Character Concept
2. Traits
3. Advantages
4. Tempers
5. Birthright and Frailties
6. Freebie Points
7. Merits and Flaws
8. Specialties
9. Musing / Ravaging Threshold
10. Spark of Life

Vampire: The Dark Ages
Drinking Faerie Blood

Role Playing Systems

World of Darkness
Step One: Character Concept
Where to Begin

        Start by formulating a basic concept for your character, a general idea of what she is like. Think less in the terms of fine detail (that comes later) and more in brood brushstrokes, something that you can build your story on.


        A young street touch who likes to get intro fights, has no respect for mortals and uses his Glamor to take advantage of them when he can.

       A noble who feels that the Escheat must be upheld, whatever the cost, and any who transgress must be punished to full extent of changeling law.

       An older intellect who has lived a full life and is ready to settle down into scholarly pursuits, but situations keep forcing her out of her shell into scrapes of trouble.

       A medical student who isn’t thrilled with the discovery she’s a changeling, and wishes she could just go back into being a regular person.


       Now you must decide what type of changeling you would like your character to be. Most player characters will be from the nine Western Kith. Your character’s kith will be closely linked to her personality. Each Kith has its own distinctive outlooks and idiosyncrasies. Look over the options offered in chapter Three, and chose one that you feel you would most enjoy playing.


Boggan - Quiet, conservative folk who like to involve themselves in others’ affairs.
Eshu - Wanderers, vagabonds and storytellers, they spend much of their time on the road, spreading stories of the fae.
Nocker -These dark brooding creatures are widely known for their smithing and craftsmanship.
Pooka - Tricksters and rapscallions to the last, these shapeshifters never pass up an opportunity to play a prank.
Redcap - Brave but brutal bullies infamous for their rapacity…and for peculiar nature of their sustenance.
Satyr - Though driven by their passions, these changelings posses an inner wisdom.
Sidhe - Beautiful and terrible, sidhe are the noble ruling kith of the fae.
Slaugh - The whispers of the night, these arcane changelings concern themselves with learning dark secrets.
Troll - Huge and terribly strong, trolls are known nearly as much for their honor and steadfastness as for their strength.

        Chose whether your character is Seelie or Unseelie. This choice expresses, in broad terms, her world view. The Seelie court is born of the stuff of dreams, while the Unseelie court spawns from the darkness of nightmares.


        Every changeling has both a Seelie and an Unseelie Legacy. They describe the two fundamental facets of her personality. Only one is dominant, however, with the other lying dormant or just beneath the surface. This is determined by your character’s Court. For example, if your character’s Court is Seelie, then her Seelie Legacy is the dominant one.

Seelie Legacies

Bumpkin : Common sense and practical wisdom are best.
Courtier : The social whirl is both a battlefield and a workshop.
Crafter: You craft joy yourself, with your own two hands.
Dandy : You crave to be the center of attention.
Hermit : Reclusive and forlorn, you avoid the company of others.
Orchid : Better Safe than sorry; to be pure is to be unsullied.
Paladin : Struggle and competition are your meat and drink.
Panderer : You seek to please
Regent: The weight of responsibility rests upon your shoulders.
Sage : If knowledge is power, then knowledge shared is even better.
Saint : You feel the pain of the world and yearn to fix it.
Squire : You are there to serve.
Troubadour: Life is an art, love is your practice.
Wayfarer : You wander free and confident, for the world is your playground.

Unseelie Legacies

Beast : You must be obeyed
Fatalist: Nothing ever makes you happy.
Fool : Always the clown, you refuse to take anything seriously.
Grotesque: You delight in disgusting others.
Knave: You like to push others to their limits.
Outlaw: You take what others work for.
Pandora : Your curiosity will be your undoing.
Peacock: You are the most wonderful creature in the world.
Rake : Your greed can never be satisfied.
Riddler: The truth is best obscured.
Ringleader: You are leader, and others would do well to agree.
Rogue: You foment chaos for your own amusement.
Savage : Civilization and laws are crutches for the weak.
Wretch : You are worthless, beneath contempt.

        Your character’s seeming reflects her mortal age, as well as inflicting certain personality and psychical characteristics upon her. There are three different Seemings, each encompassing a certain age bracket: childing (mortal birth through approximately age 12), wilder (13-25) and grump (36 and older).


        Sidhe nobility have divided themselves into different houses or affiliations. Each of the five noble houses has a distinct philosophy and bestows a certain reputation upon its members, whether those members deserve it or not. To belong to a house is to espouse its beliefs and dictums. Your character’s personality will suggest which house she belongs to and, in turn, her affiliation with that house bestows Boons and Flaws on her.

        Only sidhe are traditionally considered true nobility and able to belong to houses. With the end of the Accordance War, however, many commoners joined houses or were awarded membership into them. Not all sidhe chose to join a house, preferring to remain unaffiliated. While this can hinder their chances for advancement into the court hierarchy, these sidhe frequently no longer care about the trappings of court politics.

        If your character has no affiliation with any of the of the houses, write “unaffiliated” on your character sheet in the appropriate blank.


Dougal - Practical and straightforward, House Dougal is known for its skill with machinery and knowledge of metalwork.
Eiluned - Mysterious and wise, House Eiluned is known for its knowledge of the stars and understanding Glamour.
Fiona - Adventurous and unpredictable, House Fiona is known for its passion.
Gwydion - Noble and conservative, yet given to terrible tempers, House Gwydion is known for its wise and fair rulers.
Liam - Brooding and dark, House Liam is known for its advocacy and guardianship of humanity and its deeply held moral and ethical ideals.

The above information was taken from the Changeling : The Dreaming Second Edition book. All of this information here has been copyrighted to White Wolf Publishing.