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The Hidden World of the Fae
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Vampire: The Dark Ages
Drinking Faerie Blood

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World of Darkness

Drinking Faerie Blood

        Unpredictable and wild , faeries may help or harm individual Cainites at a whim. Mortals are familiar with the warnings against taking the gifts or food of faeries, but it is whispered that but a drop of their blood may bring ecstasy or fae powers or agony beyond imagining.

        Drinking the blood of the fae can be a chancy prospect for a vampire, thought, because of its potency it is one many are willing to take. Each point of blood taken from a faerie equals two blood points. However, any character imbibing fae blood risks certain dangerous side-effects. First, the character risks frenzy. Any vampire who drinks faerie blood must immediately make a Self-Control/Instincts roll (difficulty 4 + the number of Blood Points ingested). Failure indicates that the character is overcome by the heady rush of the powerful blood, and will seek to gorge himself with blood. The character will not stop drinking until the frenzy has subsided. Even if he has drunk to his capacity, he will continue to drink, though no benefit will be gained by this extra blood.

        Assuming the character makes the frenzy roll (or even if she didnt), she must then make a Stamina roll (difficulty 8) to avoid suffering any side-effects. Side effects are always determined by the Storyteller they can be chosen randomly or assigned, whichever seems most appropriate. Some possible side effects from drinking faerie blood are:

1. The character begins to violently eject blood from the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. All the blood consumed is lost, plus an additional 1-10 Blood Points.

2. The character suffers violent hallucinations. These hallucinations last for approximately 10 minutes for every Blood Point ingested.

3. The character becomes bound to the faerie in question. This has the same effects as a Blood Oath.

4. The character falls completely in love with the next person they see (other than the faerie).

5. The character immediately enters torpor.

6. The character immediately gains one point of Appearance, but losses a point of perception. These effects are permanent.

7. The character gains all of the effects of Heightened Sense (see Auspex, page 143), though these censes cannot be turned off. Increase the difficulty for any rolling Wits by two. This effect last for one hour for each point of blood consumed.

8. The character begins to glow with a golden light. This effect has the same effect as sunlight to any others nearby, though the character is immune to the effects.

9. The character will be overcome by emotion, and breaks out into tears of blood every time he hears music. This effect lasts one night for each Blood Point consumed.

10. The character can see through all faerie Glamours. This allows a character to see faeries who are invisible and recognize them in their true form. The character had best keep his knowledge secret, less he anger the faeries they do not take kindly to having their secrets revealed. This effect lasts one hour per Blood Point consumed.

The above information was taken from the Vampire: The Dark Ages, pages 51 and 262. All of this information here has been copyrighted to White Wolf Publishing.