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The Hidden World of the Fae
The Hidden World of the Fae
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The Hidden World of the Fae was a project completed by eNiasni as a way to help other role-players who didnt have access to a wide variety of fae content. All of it was hand typed by her, word for word, from the reference books. She makes no claims as to owning it, and the proper copyright holders are listed at the bottom of each page with content.

Feel free to visit her new website for RP Advertisement possibilities and other new resources. eNiasni / WreckedInsanity

All most all information on these pages as been copyrighted to Individual Artists and Companies. Names of the proper owner of all material should be on the bottom of the page the information is on; however, there is a few things which is unclear as who is the proper copyright over things, so if you or anyone sees something that should be copyrighted and knows the name of the person who owns the copyright please send that information to me. This is a non-profit page, meant only to educate and give a broad understanding on the Fae.